Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Conclusion: Teacher concludes the lesson and thanks the students for their cooperation.

I don't like to repeatedly talk about the same thing, so I guess today I'll sort of wrap up whatever I started about the practical, or maybe not. dunno la. we'll see. haha.

I seriously dreaded the practical. in the first few days, I was struggling hard to balance exams, clearing out my room and moving to Aivee's, lesson plannings, hanging out with friends and most importantly, getting up early. do you have any idea how difficult it is for a person who sleeps around 2 to 3, and wakes up as she likes, to suddenly adapt another lifestyle?
I am a very lazy person, and I always conveniently oversleep 8am classes, but as a trainee teacher, no longer a student, I had no choice but to deny myself of that indulgence.
I am also very good in procrastinating, but I had to half force myself to complete all the lesson plans.
I am very unorganized despite my OCD, I never keep my things in fixed places, I leave papers, receipts and documents lying everywhere, but no more, at least not during my practical, haha.
I've always viewed the practical as a process where I am forced to become more matured and tough, so many things have changed just because I had to do so.
I'm glad I've completed it, and survived!

enough of myself, I shall now talk about my students.

I was being assigned to two classes, 4S3 and 4S8. both their English teachers told me the students, although easy to handle, are not very active. I entered the classes and looked at their faces, somehow they all looked fierce to me. but no more, they are now the cutest 16 year old kids to me, and I love them. I dislike feeling the sense of closeness fading with time, but I know it is inevitable. I want to see my students grow up happily, I want to see them achieve their dreams, I want them to enjoy their life to the fullest.

my journey with 4S3 was a lot shorter because of the puasa month and school activities and a lot of unforeseen circumstances which came in between. At first I was really happy, one less lesson for 5 weeks, which means only 4 periods a week with them!! But as time passed, I was afraid I couldn't finish whatever I was supposed to teach, afraid that they wouldn't get the chance to do certain activities I planned, it also took me a lot more time to get to know the name of each student, and to try to break the ice. I don't know when and how we slowly got closer, but I'm sure it has to do with their kind hearts, or maybe just because I am so young at heart that we somehow clicked hahahahahah. okay okay, thanks for behaving so well during observations, but you were so quiet, I prefer you on normal days, haha.

4S8 was the class which caused me more headache. no, not really headache, but heartache. haha. I precisely remember when I started warming up to them. it was after I asked them draw posters and comic strip for fruitcake special, that was the first time I took, and posted photos regarding practical on facebook. but just as I was starting to like them, they just had to ruin my day by making me cry. hahaha. when I look back I already feel stupid. but I just couldn't help being emotional, that's EXACTLY what happens when you start to care, sigh. and after that, there just seemed to be this barrier which we couldn't break, so even when I left, there was a little awkwardness, I know we are all just too shy to get closer, or maybe it was just me. lol. I still love them though, and I believe if we had more time, it would have been better

okay, I've left this post in the draft folder for too long I don't really know what I had in mind in the first place, and nor do I know how to continue.
in conclusion, I am very proud to say that I have completed my practical, got an A-, and am back to being a student.

signing off as PET110023. thank you CHS, thank you 4S3, thank you 4S8, thank you my Section 17 Happy Girls, it was truly a memorable 10 weeks. something inside me has changed forever.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


为什么 为什么 
我不甘心 他本该有美好的未来
我花了很久来接受 可是好像还不能完全接受

你的笑 你好笑的舞姿 你努力的要让她开心的样子
在我心中我们就是第一名 队友拜拜 谢谢你