Thursday, October 29, 2015

Last day of October

Hi, I'm back on Malaysia ground (although my social media might remain in Vietnam for a few more days) 
Can't believe a month of travel has officially ended. 

Two more months to 2016, I have yet to achieve my 2015 resolutions that I never made. Made resolutions previous years but always failed to achieve them lol so I gave up. Maybe I should do it next year, and really force myself to take it seriously. But let's face it I'll never ever become 50kg or less again haha. 

Enough of crap. Time to cut the slack and get a job, time to get back in shape, time to work hard. (Think I had been saying the same thing all this while)

Ahh I sidetracked, this was meant to be a travel post! 2015 must be the year I travelled most, I'm thankful and happy about it. 

So let me start a bit about Vietnam. It was quite a random decision made during one of AirAsia's promotions. For some reason I don't remember, we bought a 20kg luggage for the return trip, and inclusive of insurance it was altogether RM520 for two persons, thanks to Mr Teoh who paid for my ticket! Whee :D.

Excitedly waiting in the boarding room.

We booked the hotel taxi which was on promotion, or as told by the staff. Can't help feeling scammed as they charged us at 15 USD while when we took a taxi on the day we left it was less than 7 USD. Note to self: be a smart traveller the next time. 

The first banh mi of the trip, you literally see it anytime, anywhere. And it is good! So good, we bought 3 banh mi kosong each to bring home.

And uhm, the traffic situation is scary, whoever said so wasn't exaggerating! But I'm thinking Malaysians can easily adapt to it. Just show your hand and walk straight, the motorcyclists will skillfully swerve away from you.

Spot TM tower! Hahaha. This was outside the Ben Thanh market, which feels very much like Central market to me, it wasn't even 7pm and stalls were either closed, or closing, so we left it for another day.

Happy boy with his first bowl of pho upon arriving. I think I'll make a separate post on the food we had.

After dinner it was pretty much just walking around getting to familiarize with the area and then packing for the one night getaway to Mui Ne.

I promise to be back for more updates soon, while memories are still fresh and warm.

Ending the post with the first cup of Vietnamese coffee, because when in Veitnam, eat pho, eat banh mi, drink coffee right? 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Hi, I'm 24!
Looked at my 'on this day', years ago I still had my birthday notifications on. Until one day I turned it off, cz I thought what matters are those who would remember my birthday without Facebook reminding them. 

Actually that was a lie, someone else turned it off for me. He didn't want anyone to wish me a happy birthday. I used to look back at all my 'on this day' posts, and wonder why didn't I reply my friends' wall posts? Now I finally remember my dark times, must have been my personal hell. I had no freedom over my own social network accounts, I had no freedom over what I wore, who I talked to, I had no freedom at all. This blog was actually started as my own safe haven away from his prying eyes! 

Whatever, I am already over it. But it got me wondering if I had lost a few friends because I ignored all their initiatives to stay in touch. They must have thought how rude and snobbish I was, what a sad, sad realization. :/ possessive partners are scary, if I had been a little less naive, a little more courageous, I would have saved myself and my family a lot of heartache. 

So anyway, yay. Happy birthday to me. 

So much yet to see, to learn, and to explore. May I grow wise and better day by day! Thanks to everyone whom I have met and all the journeys I have taken! 

And last but not least, I love myself for the person I have grown into, my past has not defined me, it has molded me into who I am today, and I'm thankful for that!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

I flew an aeroplane!

Sort of. Haha. 
Yea that's me at the co-pilot seat ahem.
Some time ago my uncle excitedly offered me the chance to join him for a flight simulator session in Singapore, all I had to do was to say yes and buy tickets! I had some considerations which I don't even remember now, I'm so glad I made that decision. :)
So what's a flight simulator? Haha you can Google it yourself if you're really that interested, but it's basically a machine where pilots to be get to train to be pilots. It's really really cool, there is a control set where trainers get to set different conditions like the weather, faulty aircraft and all that. So I got to sit at both pilot and co-pilot's seat, taxi the simulator, and also watch real pilots practicing on the simulator to land and takeoff in hazy conditions, and it was all for free! 
Le me looking into the simulator.

Totally worth the waking up at 4:55, just trying to explain the swollen eyes. Hahaha.

This trip kinda changed my life, or at least some perspectives of it. 

Anyway it's October! YAY TO AN AWESOME MONTH!