Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I thought I thought deep but it's just at the surface

Have you ever wondered what happens after death?
Does someone really die in death?
What would it be like?
An owner-less Facebook account
People who don't know still wish you happy birthday once a year
A dead instagram account
Which tells the story of your life, or mostly what you have eaten your whole life (haha maybe just me)
A blog which will never have anymore updates
A phone number no longer in use
And that's it?

Ah, I love literature classes.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

highlighting the recent activities in my brain

HAHA, I haven't been doing this for some time, at least not in the form of a full blog post
and if you actually realized, the title itself is already teaching you the way to read this post
so if you get to read this, you are really cool. clap clap and congratulations!

just the day before yesterday I got mad. mad at stupid college administration
but mostly, mad at the boyfriend.

I really do not know HOW MANY BLOODY TIMES do I have to get mad over the same thing. It's not like I have never made a point about it, in fact, we have gone through this SO MANY TIMES that I feel like giving up. well if that's your way your view of life, maybe I'll follow suit. if it's that hard just for a notifying message, fine. I'm also done with all that.

when the things I care do not equal to what you care, someone has to change

maybe me. yes, probably me.

but why me?

cz you never remember.
guess it never did come across your mind.
so much trouble to talk.
let's just stop talking altogether.

and to avoid ruining your happy holiday mood I have to act all normal.
oh why in the world did I do that after all.

feeling sucks. it's okay. Damon Salvatore here I come.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thailand travel diary #1

when I said I have a lot to share, I truly have so much to share
browsed through the photos I took in Thailand and I suddenly realized I have no idea how to start haha
so I guess I'll start with the riot which most of my friends have been asking about, and also which mummy was worried about. fyi, the Frog and I flew off a few days earlier with my uncle's family
so this is us jumping at one of the demonstration spots, near the Siam BTS station
ah the furthest end where you see two flags is actually a stage and people were singing
it was peaceful and so carnival-like

but it could be just because we were onlookers, not the ones camping there for nights

this is basically how it looks like: a long stretch of pasar pagi, yes, they grab the business opportunity
I got some real nice things here at the demonstration spot. haha.

and it gets more and more crowded as time passes

see, shoes at only 150baht

I even bought the white shut down BKK shirt
it looks cute to me
but guess what it got stained yellow by some shorts in the washing machine T.T

oh, but I clearly remember an uncle who stood up and pushed his fist in the air when he saw us taking photos at the cars taking the demonstrators. I felt so touched when he slowly got up and could instantly feel how much he loves his country. so touched that tears brimmed my eyes!
*he's the one in black with a bandanna on his head

will get back once I know how I am to continue.
till then, tata =)

Monday, February 10, 2014

hello hello Kuching =D

HI!!!! *BIG wave* I missed this space
after 2 weeks, I'm finally back from Thailand.
oh, that's my number stuck on my phone's casing in case I forgot
apparently my smart phone isn't that smart and I always received the notification
Mobile network unable.

last night I fell asleep scrolling through Facebook.
my sister shook me up, and something quite epic happened.
I groggily asked her
"Who are you?"
"Where is this?"
"Why am I here?"

and then she told me she was going to sleep and she left the room.
it was only until this morning that I remembered, I guess I thought I was still in Thailand.

always proud to be a Kuchingite. I think we have the best food. lol.
I love laksa so much to the extent that I hope no one sells Laksa especially outside Kuching unless they can come out with the authentic taste because I don't want people to try a lousy version of my favourite food and start to judge it. quite protective huh? I know I am crazy. I always was, always am and always will be crazy. thank you.

bohemian much?
just to show off the floral bands I got from Chatuchak at only RM2 each, SUPER CHEAP!

but when you really come to think about it, there isn't much chance for me to use them.
who cares? no one behaves rationally when it comes to a shopping spree right? XD

this is initially a short update which suddenly turned longer and longer
exam results were super shitty. 3.38. ruined my holiday mood for about 10 minutes.
but I seriously wanted to cry. 3.38. gosh.
on a bright side, I managed to register for the extra curricular class I have been eyeing on since Year 2

no more one-post-one-day February challenge this year
but I'll definitely be back with updates!
I have so much to share =D