Sunday, March 23, 2014

oh my tired legs, take me somewhere, anywhere, far far away

I wanna swim
I wanna close my eyes and listen to the sounds in the swimming pool
the bubbly rhythm of someone swimming pass me
I wanna laze in my bed
I wanna tread on green green grass
I wanna stare in awe at the blue blue sky
I wanna feel the waves lapping on my feet
I wanna complain about the scorching sun tanning me but still smile happily
I wanna wake up without the annoying alarm clock
I wanna feel the cold
I wanna eat matcha ice-cream at 10 degree Celsius
I wanna wear flowing floral dresses everyday

I wanna be anywhere but here

I just wanna be free
I miss being carefree

oh, I wanna be free

Monday, March 17, 2014

Thailand travel diaries #3

where has my passion gone? how on earth did I manage to squeeze time every few days to update?
It's not like I have nothing in store, I have so much to talk about!
but one thing for sure, I feel age catching up. :O

well maybe it's just lack of sleep and too much physical activities
Chinese dance sort of drains me every single day, like how I drain my phone of it's battery

here's a comfortable restaurant at near Chit Lom station where the demonstration crowd stretched until
we were there to meet Xiaojiu and Xiaojiumu's friend they met in Chiangmai the previous time they went backpacking, with Yaoyao still in the belly, and Mico who is a few weeks younger
haha, I prefer our baby =D

felt really good as meals were settled in 7-11 / roadside deep fried items
even ordered a detox juice because I felt all toxic. lol
here's my vegetarian set at only 150baht
and it was so tasty.
could someone tell me why is everything so expensive in Malaysia. -__-
full from the satisfying meal, we shopped at the organic section in the shop
was so tempted to buy these because of the very beautiful bottles
luckily I was rational enough to put back the 3 bottles I placed in the basket

you have no idea how much time we spent just looking at all the organic goods
there was SO MUCH TOO SEE!
and as I always say, no matter how full I can be, there is always, always room for ICECREAM
although sesame isn't something new, I just couldn't resist ordering it
and that's pumpkin. it was so so nice I would've ordered another cup if it were cheaper

Yaoyao doesn't seem to like it though

ah, my ootd.
to an afternoon well-spent being happy and healthy.
(was secretly very unhappy because my first ever Chatuchak trip was cut short just for that meeting)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pray for MH370


It could be anyone

So unpredictable
So insignificant

Let's just pray hard for the best.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thailand travel diaries #2

had the sudden urge to continue with the Thailand posts
but when I scrolled through the photos I am still stuck
so here's a not very interesting post of our reunion dinner
on the CNY eve, we were at Mae Salong, somewhere up hill at Northern Thailand
this place is full of Chinese whose ancestors were accepted as citizens after they helped fight the war
and also, full of travelers like us. guesthouses were seen everywhere
and it felt like 清境 in Taiwan all over again, so much that I had a sudden confusion as if we were in Taiwan

贺大哥, the owner of the guesthouse we were staying in was so generous he treated every one who stayed in his guesthouse to a group reunion dinner (although the food wasn't exactly memorable). It was however a great experience, having a reunion dinner with more than 30 people, there were Malaysians, Russians, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese. 

I will never ever forget the cute Japanese guy in his yukata with the so-called broccoli hairstyle. and he had piercings on his ear which made me go OMG, who can resist a cute guy with earrings hahahha, but all we did was shyly greeting him Oyasuminasai when we actually wanted to talk to him, or at least have a photo taken lol lol.

it was cold, I'm just a tad bit stronger than them all, *smirk*
since the wifi was really bad and there was nothing better to do in the guesthouse after dinner, we walked around, wanting to get some snacks from 7-11, but a Chinese song brought us into this small shop which has an old school jukebox.

one song was 5baht, and we were so excited that we stayed in that shop for more than an hour
not forgetting that there was another cute guy in there haha

then of course at 12 midnight there were fireworks
but it was all too cold that we hid ourselves in the rooms

the next morning =)
my lovely daddy
and the family =D
CNY has always been about family for me

erm, and new clothes
and new shoes


and DINNER. when you have nothing better to do you eat all day

very healthy steamboat

I never got the chance to get hungry the whole trip just so you know
and please be ready for more food photos as I continue

it's 2:13AM and I should really be sleeping
a long day ahead.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

when you can't think of a nice title, 18/02/2014

while the rest of the world is crazy over the alien who came from the star, I have been sucked into the little town of Mystic Falls. so much of vampire diaries that I have dreamt about vampires for the second time since I started, and I'm only at season 2. is anyway I decided it was too dangerous so here I am, to blog for some distractions. haha.

since all my updates are going to be late, here's our belated Valentines' day celebration 
I actually meant to post it a lot earlier but things always tend to get into my way.
and when I say things I mean laziness. haha
3rd February the 14th, =)
this is actually the sequel of the very first valentines' day card I made
and to be honest I am running out of ideas. T.T


my lunch date, lol
he was again, mysterious about the place we were going to
and this time, even as he dropped hints like the operating hours and Ampang, I still had no idea lol

some thing which I reckon is eggs benedict's cousin

some kind of wrap with chipsters at the side

and latte, at That Latte Place located in an art gallery
would have been nicer though if Malaysia wasn't that hot.

err, me. lol. hair is so much shorter now
ngehehe. stupid guy.

doesn't he just look like the owl on my shirt? XD
the place was beautiful but I didn't manage to capture nice photos I dunno why.
it looked so much better in real, so I gave up trying to take photos.

and when I said I wanted a jumping shot (Thailand trip aftermath, I have been jumping all day over there)
he took one photo and said he was a jumping shot guru
and trusting him, I didn't check and we left.

guru your head, Mr Teoh.

and that very day, I received the best Valentines' gift ever, ever, ever.
I always believe that it's the thought that matters
a drawer of sticky notes was totally out of my expectation, not that I expected anything
really didn't see that coming omg and I was so shocked I actually closed the drawer and drew deep breaths before opening it up again. I guess that's a truck load of thoughts. T.T

thank you baby, for everything.
I know this is cheesy, but still,