Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An exciting revelation

It's about my students again, sorry if I bore you.

I saw a boy with an A7x tattoo on his hand. I have heard of this band before but I always thought it was a local punk band or something, judging by their album covers, which I later found is actually one of their band's signature.

So one day, I asked my roommate if she had heard of the band before, she said yes, and played one of their songs. I was shocked, because they are actually orang putih! (Using my students' words), and their song is good! 

Excitedly, I got the song from the roommate, and together with other English songs, I played for them while giving them groupwork. Surprise, surprise! These kids even know Hotel California, Zombie and many other lagu orang putih. Linkin Park too!! You cannot imagine how excited I got. These kids who cannot speak or understand my English can actually sing English songs, and they enjoy them. I'm thinking hard for ways to use this to teach them kids. I might teach them to rap. Peace y'all. 

But something sad happened today. (The previous part was actually drafted since Monday). Under the initiative of the principal to give our students a future, alot of them applied for a vocational college, doing deep sea welding or something. Today, results came out. Quite a handful of my naughty but potential pass students got accepted. Nooooooo. Nooooooooooooo. And if I'm not mistaken, one of them is my targeted A student, NOOOOOOOO. 

And I still got mad at them this morning, and gave them the silent treatment. I won't see them tomorrow T.T (4 out of 7 got the offer) hopefully they reject hahahaha. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

:adj. unlucky

In my gang of friends from the residential college, we have a friend who is very unlucky. All sorts of epic things happen to him like getting hit by some heavy bars before his basketball match, laptop dying on him before he submits his final draft for thesis, and so on and so forth. 

We call him Nyak, and whenever something unlucky happens to him, we'll just answer #lifeofnyak 

And then somehow, we coined the term nyak as an adjective. For example: I'm damn nyak today.

So today, I was supposed to be observed by someone from the education department of the area. I had started with my set induction and was so touched because a boy who was always sleeping volunteered to answer my question.

I was moving on to the next step, until.. The announcement bell was played, and a blaring wail followed. 

Fire drill. =.=

So I ran for life together with my students, leaving the pegawai to burn in the class. Hahaha. 

There goes my observation , and my meticulously planned lesson. Feeling very nyak now. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wanna curl up into a ball and cry

I lose motivation so easily.

Serious matters aside, I've been waking up at 5am just to exercise for a few times already, and it feels good. 

I kinda miss dancing already, and this morning, I was targeted to dance for our teachers' day + Hari Raya + Gawai celebration in school in July. 1). I thought on Teachers' day teachers were supposed to watch and enjoy (or not lol) 2). Yea, so convenient all in one, why not add in Hari Kemerdekaan hahaha I can even join choir #multipurposeteacher 

The other day I purposely made up for class photo taking session, so feeling vain I tried to selfie before school. 
"Shit la, I look like a ghost."
Then, my roommate stood beside me and said, "again."
Ok. Better. So, to avoid looking like ghost in photos, ask someone else to look like the ghost so that you look more human in comparison. Lol. Meet Mul, we are mul and mel. Haha

Thursday, June 9, 2016

padan muka x buat kerja

am I the only one who laughs at lame jokes?

2 things about the above photo:
1. I looked at the word THERAPIST for quite a long time wondering why is there THE RAPIST.
2. I kinda see Mr Teoh and myself in that situation. stupid guy, hahaha

Anyway, yay, I'm done with the SPP interview. Screwed up on the policies part, BUT who cares about the policies? It's not like if I can tell you exactly what MBMMBI is about, then my students will suddenly wake up and decide they love studying and get A in their next exam. What's over is over. What's not over are... MY TERRIFYING WORKLOAD. allow me to use the f word please? okay thank you. FUCK. I've been procrastinating since the beginning of this two week holiday. 

1. Minit Curai for a workshop I attended on 09/05/2016 (wow exactly a month ago shit)
2. Lesson Plans
3. Short Test
4. Modify and print out my SKT and Borang Keberhasilan
5. Intervention Plan 

1. I'm actually halfway through the minit curai, but.. argh, I'll get it done by today!
2. NOOOO please nooo T.T, my initial plan was to finish it even before the holiday started LOL
3. Oh well. I have no reference books. (I hope I finish by tomorrow okay?)
5. Ugh.. 4 classes. ugh.

*Sigh endlessly*

I better get back to work. 

*Stares at screen and sigh again*

Okay bye. At least get the minute done before I go for the family gathering tonight!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Starting all over again

I'm back again, should really blog more often. Being tired is just an excuse for undisciplined people, which is what I've been ever since my life and my routine got messed up by the arrival of the new principal.

So this is me, pledging to start all over again, and this post is for me to keep myself accountable.

1. Exercising
I barely do anything anymore. All I do is lie down because like I say, I got tired. Once in a while I plank for 3 minutes and I call it a day. NO that's not how it should be. I have a yoga mat, a hula hoop, and a whole big folder of working out without gym videos. Time to get back in shape. I haven't been this fat for a long time, I get disgusted by my own extra fats, so ini kalilahh!!!

2. Blogging
Nuff said. Haha. I truly think that blogging is a very good habit, it keeps my mind moving, and I like to look back once in a while to see how my mentality has changed or how a problem is no longer a problem to me. And also, I don't want this blog to die! Being consistent is one of the traits of successful people, right?

3. Money money money
I used to keep track on my spending when I just started uni and when I just started working. Then I eventually got lazy and stopped altogether. Time to be an adult, and I think while being financially independent is one of them, being able to manage my own finance is equally essential.

4. Appearance
One last one. I respect those who follow their facial regime strictly. I tend to slack and leave my face unattended. Maybe that's why I am still ugly. Haha. And also those who have to energy to makeup and remove the makeup properly each day. Maybe I should start doing these and see the changes they bring.  

Anyway, the past few days was lovely.
We even played scrabble. Hahaha

Okay I better get back to studying. I have an interview tomorrow morning. Till then, bye! Have yourself a good day :)