Thursday, October 24, 2013


Taiwan feels like decades ago, but I suddenly felt like blogging, plus I haven't managed to transfer BP photos
we initially planned to go to Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe, Jay Chou's cafe and of course Stayreal when we were in Taiwan, but because we had to rush back 2 days earlier, certain sacrifices were made. I MUST AND I WILL ONE DAY GO TO JAY CHOU'S CAFE AND RESTAURANT AND WHAT NOT
the cute Stayreal figurine in Fengjia night market

with me =D

it was a spontaneous decision that we must go to Stayreal cafe
technically we only had less than 7 hours left in Taiwan and NO SHOPPING WAS DONE YET T.T
man, did I rush like mad.

and finally, there we were =D

I have no idea why that expression, but by now you should have known better than to expect anything normal from him.

le eyebagssssss @@
oh see my RM15 manicure heehee

mixed snacks/desserts platter
there was one which was particularly good, I think it's the chocolate one because chocolate can never go wrong right? XD

limited summer edition mango tart
the pastry was so good, but we have all tasted better mango

my peach soda or something with whipped cream which is to be added later on
but the cream was so nice I could eat it just like that

see, told you never to expect anything normal. lol.

and cousin's order. which was the best among all 3. =)

someone bought a packet of Stayreal coffee for his friend.

glad we went there. the cafe was a cozy place to be at.
thanks to Mr Teoh for the treat =D
and I know my Jay Chou can wait for me.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

*insert shocked emoticon*

I can't believe it is already week 7. 
it's my 5th semester, and for the very first time I am struggling
because I don't seem to have enough time.
god knows how many assignments I have
and a forum next week, which I have not touched AT ALL
almost every night I go for the PTUM dance practice

and the other days when we are free, I always have better things to do than sit down properly and take this shit seriously. and nowadays, I sleep because I really am very very tired. I need all the sleep I can get!!

how pathetic T.T

I have many posts lining up.
here's a sneak peek of our trip to Batu Pahat.

yes, I don't even have time to transfer photos.

see you when I see you. @@

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Birthday dinner 07.10.2013

warning: lots of food photos! lol

one day Mummy excitedly sent me links in facebook, asking me to choose my own birthday gift
because according to her, asking people to help buy cake is too lame already
and finally, she sort of picked this for me. haha
buffet dinner in Taman Sari Brasserie @ Hotel Istana

orang ini malas layan I yang sibuk ambil gambar =(

sprinkles sprinkles!

I love the salad bar!!!!

my first ever kebab in my whole life. don't ask me why, I am also wondering ==

made by Mr Teoh and he was very proud of it hahaha
because according to him the ratio of syrup to milk or something was perfect XD



but as expected, the desserts were disappointing.

and ahem, I dug out the tiramisu later on and put ice cream inside hahaha
it was such a perfect combination only I can come out with

habis makan baru layan me T........T

hee, thanks to mummy for the treat 
and the driver =P

and I'm officially 18. haha

Friday, October 11, 2013

a night in the chocolate heaven

I've been so busy/tired recently (I know, the usual excuses), but finally, here comes my birthday post
it's only 5 days late anyway =P
after work last Sunday night which I successfully brought out two tubs of unfinished La Cremeria ice cream (HOHOHO I love Almond Pecan Praline), the friends brought me to Dip n Dip!! =DD
some platter, the chocolate was so smooth I could dieeeee

their version of chocolate lava. the taste was so nice it could compensate the chocolate sauce not oozing out after I cut it open. I wanna try baking this the next time I go home! =D

and this, I guess was specially arranged, thank you! =D

they should change the :) to :D heehee

I ish berry happy.

thank you mr boyfriend although I always get mad at you hahaha

and my lovely girls =D

just a failed version of something we wanted to try. hahaha
it was a night full of happiness.
because happiness = chocolate.
hahaha, nola.

but I do consider myself very lucky because I've got all these crazy friends, a lovely family, and Mr Teoh who always manages to make me happy =D.