Wednesday, August 31, 2011

tanggal tiga puluh satu

happy merdeka!!!
i always love the song tanggal tiga puluh satu =X
hence the title today haha.
please.. ignore my lasap pimples T.T.

had a family gathering in uncle's house today.
unlike our usual potluck at night, today it is in the afternoon.
almost the whole family was there except for qi jie's family who are everywhere else t.t 
 these food lasted us until dinner time. lol..

after lunch, it was brain exercise time.
uncle came across a sudoku which he could not solve
so we started having a 'test' lol.
it took me 24 minutes, but i don't think i really solved it
because i used the assumption method which i hate very much and kan bu qi very much hahaha.

don't want give up de aunty. 
 miss frog and miss chipmunk who eventually gave up and merged to become one. lol.
CHEATERS should be given zero marks =P.
 and we watched Doraemon!
cindy and i tried translating it into BM because miss tupai said she always watches in BM
so you could imagine us saying
Doraemon tolong aku tolong aku!
Nobita! lol
my mum who did not want to give up! ahhaha
background music: 念你

hahaha. 我的字典里没有放弃!
感觉我们都很综艺咖 =。=

and we had puffs after that, the it was kinect time!

no more photos from me because my phone ran out of battery ><

that about summarizes my day.
really had fun with all of these people who knew me since i was born
or those who i knew since they were born.

see you guys during CNY. do miss me =D.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


the whole family went to the heritage on Sunday to celebrate grandma's birthday

butter prawn which i will be missing for long ><
 grandma's shou tao cake which was surprisingly very very yummy but i only had one small slice T.T
 popo so cute cut cake =). <3.
popo very sayang us lo, but we're always very impatient =(, must be a better granddaughter ><
 the leftover cream shou tao, look like pi gu. hahaha but so cute XD
 while waiting for something. 
the end. haha.
i should have made this more meaningful or at least more words
but i'm kinda lazy at the moment
and am trying to use up the photos i took
so, yeah haha paiseh lol.
byebye i got many other more photos. wait yo =D
byebye haha

Saturday, August 27, 2011


i dunno how big the area was but at least all around my house last night, there was no electricity supply. and here i come back to my imagination which ran wild few weeks ago after i watched Captain America, because a few days after that, there was continuous blackout for two times one afternoon. and why would i mention the movie? mainly because when they were injecting the serum, half of Brooklyn i think, experienced blackout for i forgot how long. HAHA. so i told this idea, that Captain Malaysia is in making, to miss froggie that time, but all she did was give me the -.- expression, okay maybe it was =.- because one of her eyes is bigger than the other one, but again maybe it was -.= because i dunno which is bigger LOL wow i never knew i was so crappy never mind anyway, since she gave me that sigina expression, i just kept it to myself until during the evening when i told mum, and she said i was wrong, it should be Captain Kuching. HAHAHA and it was my turn to ._. T.T. lol. so again, i think last night, Captain Kuching version 2 was in process.
hahaha sometimes i am really amazed at how lame i can get. =X.

lighting source: flash light which i downloaded from android market for my s2. hahaha
camera: my oh so faithful K810i which decided it wanted some rest by turning off now and then for no reason.
why do i type such long descriptions ya first i am very loso hahaha
second we played sort of a word game when miss froggie first said Daddy is eating the vegetable which Mummy cooked which was bought with the money he earned
and i said Daddy is eating the vegetable which i washed and cut which Mummy cooked which was bought with the money he earned
AND MISS FROGGIE said Daddy is eating the vegetable which CHECHE washed and cut which Mummy cooked which was bought using the money he earned using the plates which i washed 
hahahhaha no we didn't continue but if we wanted we could omg i am bringing you away from the topic again! T.T wait. give you a second to digest.

okay back?
u forgot ah? never mind let me help u refresh haha

lighting source: flash light which i downloaded from android market for my s2. hahaha
camera: my oh so faithful K810i which decided it wanted some rest by turning off now and then for no reason.

good? haha

guess who! =DD.

 cowkey!! =DD
 Dongkey!!! =DDD
Chopper wei!!! hahaha and saw the light? lol.

it was really hot lo T.T
and guess what
we even played with fingers, you know, the primary school shadow game maigod. hahaha
okay babai i am so happy i actually got the mood to blog today hehehe

ohh and no there was no星星hahahha. zaijian

Friday, August 26, 2011


hi i haven’t been updating with live writer for some time because as i mentioned before the updated blogger is so much more user-friendly but since i’m a bit tired of the blogger layout, here i come again. last night, we went to premier 101 for some sort of gathering since most people are leaving very soon.

love letters from ibeho xiao jie omg the the fx camera and labelbox i downloaded are fun when u have nothing to do T.T lol.
ibeho u made me cry T.T sien die u, zhen de hen gandong, <3..


since the both of us arrived so much earlier, and the dimsum from zhen gong fu looked just a tad bit too attractive… hence…..

2011-08-25 18.40.302011-08-25 18.45.00

2011-08-25 18.45.212011-08-25 18.47.47

sugar cane juice, Portugese egg tart, siobees, and ju chiong fan! YUMMY, but so dang filling.
but after nomming all those, we both smelt peng hu from the other table and were both tempted to get it, if not for i forgot who who came, we could have succumbed to temptation and order the peng hu and for sure regret like what afterwards haha. ahh but up until now i still can smell the peng hu HELP!

photos photos and photos.

2011-08-25 20.45.452011-08-25 20.46.332011-08-25 20.46.41

at first it was awkward as usual because the guys keep on talking THEIR alien language consisting of Dota, Football and i dunno what else OH CD, they bought a book of RM100 coupon which enables them to buy 50 cds from selected shops, haha i find that pretty dumb but funny at the same time i dunno why. okay and anyway we girls also talked OUR own alien language which was mostly, i forgot == because i was busy trying to take photos and listen to both sides i guess LOL.

something/ someone thoroughly disappointed me, but i’d prefer to not disclose it here.
i guess i just didn’t see it coming =(

2011-08-25 20.46.492011-08-25 20.46.562011-08-25 20.47.11

ah jo still so cute =P and they still always bully him lol.
i dunno why tingseng never want to take photos, JIAN GUANG SI MEH T.t
jiabin jiabin forever so thin.
and spot chua heng!! he’s back for a few days and will be flying back to work again. i think he came with tingseng and it was really funny to see both of them walking together. hahaha.

2011-08-25 20.47.422011-08-25 20.44.132011-08-25 20.48.442011-08-25 20.48.53

some more photos. see olin ever ready, yes i like XD.
and see ah jo, from no hiu, we demanded him to look at the camera, but he wouldn’t smile, and when he smile, see how unwilling he is! haih, hen sad, lol. but still, cute! hahaha

2011-08-25 21.26.262011-08-25 21.26.462011-08-25 21.27.09

finally, girls time =). ibe just permed her hair again yesterday, and gaomei gets prettier and prettier, you should see her in real, i think these photos don’t show how she actually looks like, and me, eyebags are for real, haha.

omgee, by september most of us will really be gone.
home is where the heart is, guess i’ll be leaving Kuching without a heart!! ><

Thursday, August 25, 2011

for 6 years.

for six years i have been using my MTV powerpack
if you ever had the plan before you'll know for sure how good it is
6 years you imagine!
and no i wouldn't have traded it for Fu-yoh hahaha
and super sms also although it is not bad
but, two days ago, i made a painful decision!
i changed to POSTPAID T.T.
cry for me please, you know i'm sad.
but there's nothing i can do about it.
goodbye powerpack, i'll miss you =)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


或者怕自己会忘了我是谁 哈哈哈
怎么可能忘了呢 哈哈哈哈

i really don't know how to describe the book, =(( if it is a food, then it'll definitely be a classic new york cheese cake, very very yummy, maybe even with rich chocolate on it, that's how good the book is!!!! gosh!!

Monday, August 22, 2011


had some other things in mind for today but another something just came up.
sometimes it seems we try so hard to become someone who is totally not ourselves
no, i'm not talking about myself today
we try our very best to make everyone happy
but in the end, no one is really happy and what more, we are totally UNHAPPY
our lazy eyes and heart always prefer to accept the surface we see
and refuse to peel off the protective layers to reveal whatever is hidden inside.
maybe it's because we're afraid that whatever was concealed will cause us to SCREAMMMM!
haha okay enough that's human anyway, wanting to feel accepted. =( poor us.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

i've been idle for too long!! this post was supposed to be for yesterday but i was too tired t.t.
dear cousin's birthday card and gladys's bye bye card.
L.o.D.e.E studio is so gonna close down soon T.T
i'm so so so out of ideas T.T

went to sing k on thursday! hehehe

there was a video. but uploading it brings me no justice
hence, u don't get to see it here LOL.

the Kuching fest durian puff. which is also nicer than the super hot selling fried durian.

i'm not a fan of durian at all. but it was really worth the try =)

and the much WOW-ed fried durians.
thanks to Qi Jie for treating everyone in the family!
really very thoughtful of her!

can't believe that these sticks have the power to make people queue for hours just to eat them!

went again just now to buy the durian puffs for the family members as well.
maybe because the fried durians were sold out, today the durian puff stall also had a long line waiting!

okay that's the end of today's post.
i think i'm gonna blog tomorrow.
i hope i will. haha.

and it's the last day for the food fair
and this year, i've been there for 4 times @@
pretty successful of them. lol lol

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

keju and tea.

lazy to blog. but since i have uploaded the photos..
i guess you're not that stupid to understand that i went to cheese and tea
for food with another 2 persons.
and those were our food.
lol my butter fish rice
ibeho's lemon fish rice
and aaron ong's thai fried rice
his was the nicest lol.
and they are having a promotion now so with every food with have
we are entitled to a tea beverage at RM1 add on!
and i found out that aaron ong is GOOD at dancing!
ibeho is PRO at pingpong!
and me. dang pro at being lazy hahaha.

Monday, August 15, 2011

ring ring ring

 hi! yesterday i finally got my phone!
initially i wanted galaxy s or s plus
but all they had left was the AP set
hence i got my first ever samsung phone, galaxy S II.


i dunno about the rest of you
but i never liked samsung haha
but somehow i changed my mind and i love my phone!
the teddy bear above is the radiation sticker my cousin got for me while waiting for dinner last night.
thanks qi jie =)
finished downloading the basic things i'll need
and moving my contact list
i'll be extra careful with this phone
hopefully my horrid luck with phones (might blog about it someday) ends already! T.T.

thanks daddy mummy! <3