Saturday, April 25, 2015


such kind of efficiency doesn't come by often.
morning, we are team 26, the *avengers of past ROFs. * explanation as below:
every year, we try to make up for what we didn't manage to achieve the previous year.

10 jumpshots in a minute's time
good thing shutter speed is high, yayyyy some groups failed a few times and I'm sure it's the camera's problem
oh, and angle, haha, don't they know you should stay low to capture that legs-off-the-ground feeling.
*smirks* all that jump shot paid off hahaha


HAHAHA like a bunch of retards.

the sky was too beautiful.

yay, this is me waiting for my solo game

and me feeling extremely sad because I failed. but my socks are cuter than yours. #childish

can I have a picnic here one dayyyy

anyway it rained and we lost our one and only chance in the final battle to get a placing.
presenting to you group 26: TEAM GENIUS from the GENIUS KINGDOM.

new record! we ran till our legs cramped but it sure feels good looking at this at the end of the day!

ROF 2014 sucked big time. hahaha but I'm glad I joined this year.

among the first batch of participants. 
of course Mr Teoh being the founder is one of the reasons I am naturally attracted to this race.
today was fun, and I feel so proud of this project for him and of him because it's his baby after all
my bf more lihai than yours. hahaha, no I'm not being childish again, I'm serious.

ps: we never trained for the next year even though we said we would.
note to self: should really build up stamina.

but lazy to jog, swimming can ah? hahah.

Monday, April 20, 2015

and let me play among the stars

one day I wanna go to Coachella.
dressed in my favourite Bohemian style
with flowers in my hair, no one will cast sidelong glances
long flowy dress, and leather sandals on my feet
and then I'll take off my sandals and walk on the grass sit on the grass watch the sky and enjoy music

yea, just the escape I needed, even if it was only imaginary.

I have been slacking. sigh.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 3 of midsem break and Caffeine & Cocoa @ City 1

hey I'm back at home. true that you can never really achieve anything while at home
oh yea, I did! I finally watched Fast and Furious 7 yesterday, and also visited the latest cafe in town
maybe I am cold hearted or something but I didn't cry like how many people claim they did lol
and to be honest the Facebook is getting kinda annoying with everyone posting the song, or 'is feeling emotional' posts. yea I am probably the most cold-hearted person ever!

movie was at 2:15pm so at 1:15 after getting the tickets we had an hour to kill, thus stepping into Caffeine and Cocoa. I've seen the place posted by some Kuchingites I follow in instagram, and it seems the cafe scene in Kuching is catching up pretty fast!
this was actually taken from inside the shop, and flipped, because the wordings were printed to face inside of course. but I couldn't bring myself to overlook the beautiful sky =D

we ordered a Matcha Latte, cappuccino and the creamy cheesecake.
it was all pretty good and the cheesecake amazed me a little
the texture was a mix between fluffy and heavy, and the cheese tasted just the right cheesiness lol do you even describe it that way
definitely a place I'll come back to, but I haven't tried earthlings!

I'm finally feeling the stress of a final semester student recently
and to make myself feel in control, I have developed a new hobby of writing daily to-do-lists
I said I would start my work today, but I haven't done anything except for rereading Where Rainbows End (cried like a baby minus the wailing part) because I managed to watch the movie on board flying home, and buzzfeeding once I turned on the laptop

this midsem break I actually planned to cut my hair, change to Umobile, finish my thesis up to chapter 3, submit the costume designs to Abang Din, finish the stupid leadership course's assignment and maybe even study for the upcoming test. and could you believe I stupidly bought tickets to go back KL on the coming Sunday, when I knew very clearly my first class of the week is on a Wednesday. sigh, talk about stupid people in the world. they just get more and more day by day. I shall start tomorrow, OK MELODY?

I'll finish reading all the tabs I have left open, and then get to sleep
and tomorrow I'll do some exercise, eat some fruits, and get going before I regret.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I never knew the date of Ching Ming until I met Mr Teoh who always tells people his birthday is on Ching Ming. So now I know, Ching Ming is on the 5th of April.
it was quite a spontaneous decision to take the bus and go surprise him.
I think I succeeded, but I also got my share of surprise.
He was working on Monday.
so I spent my Monday reading in his room, and I kinda liked it.
Happy birthday =).
now I understand "absence makes the heart grow fonder" better
just as I enjoyed reading and waiting for him, I also enjoy the distance between us
separation might be hard, some times harder than the other times
but this time it was okay, and I know we'll meet again real soon.
till then, mr teoh.