Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I really don't give a damn. haha

 when the true you appears. lol.
just seconds ago I was taking an "I don't give a damn" kind of photo.  
so I have a friend
she is kind
she is understanding
she is considerate
she is caring
but at the same time
she has this twisted belief as if the whole world revolves around her
it seems as if she is the only busy person in the whole wide world
and everyone has to suit to her schedule
as if every single person loves her
she needs a lot of attention and confirmation
as if she is trying to prove something to the world
every little thing, she needs the crowd to sing praises
narcissistic or what I dunno
but no matter how much I love her
she gets onto my nerves
and particularly, VERY VERY MUCH tonight.
okay, and I DO have things to do.
byebye =)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Thailand travel diaries #4

I'll never ever be able to finish my Thailand posts. *tears hair*
read a lot of travel blogs about the Terminal 21 shopping center
and it was of course on my list!
easily reachable by the BTS at the Asok station, it is known for the different themed toilets at every level
this was in London where I bought a very cute red polka dot sweater =D

level Turkey.
do you love these beautiful lamps like I do?
so exotic and intricate me love!!


seemed appropriate for me to do that. haha.

ta-da! how lovely.

super mommy and my baby Yao. I miss her so much.
she loves me and I adore her. hahhaa

at another level.
when you pack light you end up rotating and sharing clothes.
even her sandals are mine lol

meanwhile... hahaha

and my favourite toilet design!
totally reminds me of One Piece, although I have stopped for too long

another one with baby Yao

fresh blue frog.

the Hollywood level

there are actually a lot more but I dunno why I seem to have lost the photos
or maybe they were in my cousin's phone
I would very much love to go back there again
to explore all the toilets and little shops
and I wanna go again, in a smaller and younger group!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

one down, many more to go!

I am never known for being courageous
and to me, donating blood is something which requires A LOT of courage and impulse

I remember accompanying mommy to a few blood donations and always secretly found her very inspiring, how could she say it did not hurt when the needle was SO BIG and so much blood is lost?

and I also remember making a vow with a friend that we must, together, for the first time donate blood in our university life.

the previous time there was a blood donation drive on campus, I went with the Mr Teoh, *that friend was nowhere to be found, lol*, but I chickened out at the sight of the nurses and of course NEEDLES

but this time, I thought it was now or never.
*It's my lifeeeeeeee*

and I finally, FINALLY, FINALLY made it!!
my first blood donation!! =D

my first blood bag.

so I overcame my fear
and it felt so good

also, the thought that my blood might actually save someone in need makes it a whole lot more meaningful! =D

p.s: it really didn't hurt, and nor did I feel dizzy after that!

Monday, May 12, 2014

up, up and away!

I am thoroughly disappointed with myself for my ultimate laziness T.T
here's a really backdated post, supposed to be written in March.
we have always talked about the hot air balloon fiesta, and finally this year, Mr Teoh brought us there! =D
Oinky was quite excited because he had been staying in the room for quite some time

and actually, me too. stuck between endless practices.
what else can make me happier like an ice cream does?
this guy and this Oinky. =)

I miss being simply happy.
too many things seem to happen recently
but I don't really know what.

I love you.

hi! =D

that's me giving up wanting Mr Teoh to capture a nice photo of me
haha. maybe the real problem lies within me. I am just not pretty enough that's all.

what a sad realization T.T 

overlooking the green grassland where people just lazed around

it was relaxing and refreshing, being there.

err, so back to the main focus, hot air balloons. haha
weren't there for the ride
they were gonna release 4 into the sky
but only two managed to fly, with much difficulties
while two more could only stay on the ground.

and then 夕阳无限好 只是近黄昏
we had to leave because I had choir practice at night.

sometimes all I want is to feel remembered and appreciated T.T

Thursday, May 1, 2014


it's been long. sigh.
wanted to put up a selfie of the current me but the sight of myself made me gag.

I seem to have moved on mentally from one state to another.
it's pretty bad because the previous state is what makes a big part of me.
but if selfishly speaking, it makes everything easier for me.

I know how people say you do not live for others, so why care about what others think
but it just doesn't work that way
so when I started not trying to make people happy
I realized it took less effort
but made me unhappy as well.