Saturday, May 17, 2014

one down, many more to go!

I am never known for being courageous
and to me, donating blood is something which requires A LOT of courage and impulse

I remember accompanying mommy to a few blood donations and always secretly found her very inspiring, how could she say it did not hurt when the needle was SO BIG and so much blood is lost?

and I also remember making a vow with a friend that we must, together, for the first time donate blood in our university life.

the previous time there was a blood donation drive on campus, I went with the Mr Teoh, *that friend was nowhere to be found, lol*, but I chickened out at the sight of the nurses and of course NEEDLES

but this time, I thought it was now or never.
*It's my lifeeeeeeee*

and I finally, FINALLY, FINALLY made it!!
my first blood donation!! =D

my first blood bag.

so I overcame my fear
and it felt so good

also, the thought that my blood might actually save someone in need makes it a whole lot more meaningful! =D

p.s: it really didn't hurt, and nor did I feel dizzy after that!

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