Monday, October 31, 2011

survival skills.

the wifi was down for two days in the campus, which made it nearly impossible for us to survive if we didn't have some meaningful or decent or whatever thing to do.
luckily i downloaded 初恋这件小事 recommended by ibeho before everything went kaboom and gone.
this is XiQi, watching the movie, but very impolitely sitting on my laptop!

my comment: surprisingly nice. i like the ending where the guy said he was waiting for the girl. WAA so sweet =O

second movie we watched: Nasi Lemak 2.0 
now XiQi got a new seat. XD.

my comment: the indian dance part was really really funny T.T

and also, we watched Inception, yea i haven't watched it yet T.T lol

and.. err. 穿越时空的少女
comment: somehow made me think alot, wish i could undo time as well, but of course, a wish remains a wish. =(

feel free to call me crazy, because even i think so T.T

and and saw the keyboard?
yes!! guitar, keyboard, movies were our loyal companion for the dark ages. haha

guess what!!! i can play more songs with the guitar edi!
using the same simple chords T.T
but to me it is a great achievement! <3!
*clap clap sendiri lol*

XiQi became a dog. haha ok this is pointless.

Xi Qi zipai.


what i wanna say is, lucky i have movies in store
and lucky i have a crazy pet who doesn't have to sleep
and lucky i have crazy friends who suddenly are very interested in music lol
and lastly, lucky the internet is back so YES!!!!

thank you, thank you!
byebye! XDD

Saturday, October 29, 2011

born this way.

hahaha, i've found myself a new title.
please call me a born winner, YEAAA!!
i'm on the right track baby i was born this way! @@ lol.
don't go all blur yet.
that's me, playing with Shake Coke.
a game where you have to shake the phone and see how high the can can go!

and yours sincerely, wo, wa, aku, saya... Broke the record and got the highest score!
ngahahhahaha, i directly kicked out my pig's record
YAY! drumroll.. please applaud. thank you! LOL
this photo was uploaded just to show you how long my hair is nao! hehehe

look at the face of.. 
the loser!!!! RAWRRR

sneak peek. XD.
i got 5k plus! =DDDD

loser trying to break my record. 
but of course, in vain. hahaha

and this.. 
is me playing tetris battle
i was WINNING as usual! hahahaha
sigui tingseng shouldn't have sent me that request in the first place!
i'm trying hard to quit facebook games! T.T

omg. this post is so full of me praising myself even i can't take it
but it doesn't really change the fact that i am a born winner, period. haha

ahh! i should stop. T.T.

so let me tell you something.
pride usually comes before a fall.
i started losing in my tetris battle..
then, i quit! HAHAHAHHAHA

ok bye bye.

ps: note that the time for the posts recently will be jumbled up because i had no access to internet for 48 freaking hours!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

wa ai xiu jui..

last night i went to the LG in a someone's apartment. was not so happy, i wanted to sleep!
and it got worse when i saw this!!!!
i wanted to jump in T.T.

they were also having water baptism.. 
then i suddenly wanted to be baptized again == lol yes that's how much i wanted to get into the pool omg
then i thought of my swimsuit and goggles lying in my locker.
they're so gonna go back to Kuching with me just in case some very kind people decide to jio me go swim XDD

the only way to fight the temptation is.. 
ya take photo! hahaha
i'm becoming more and more thick-faced that i can zipai in public with people looking

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

tip of the ice berg xd

yeahhhh! omg this is growing on me t.t
比如说,吃火锅吃到十二点,哈哈哈,好啦,这个并不是很疯狂,will blog about the steamboat some other day! i got so many some other day post omg when will i ever finish? t.t




小叮当变出来的Hello Panda!!! =D




Tuesday, October 25, 2011


the wifi is back is back IS BACK!
at least for now T.T
feel like changing my blog header already.
but i am lazy!
me likey me hair! =DD
cny sure can curl liao wahaha!

sorry i am always kinda random zzz

YEAAAAA i got my goggles!
but it seems like no one is going to swim t.t
even i am a bit lazy.

omg did you realize i just used to word 'lazy' to link two totally different things?
blog header and goggles. @@!
i rock!!! hahaha ==

goodbye for now!
steamboat later on!
wo shi yige xingfu de xiaohai XD

and WAH!!! the 300th post!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

pasar malam! =DD

yoho halo halo!!
i'm back with updates! =D
hehehe, finally i get to go to pasar malam
because my 4 to 6 class is CANCELED! =D

thanks to my pet who asked us to go, and henry the pig who can drive XD
too many photos so i use collages again! hehe
we bought some nice nice things which i shall leave for another day XDD

nao.. FOOD! *drooling over pictures* hahahaha
the nice nice popia with MAYONAISE and fruits inside!
really nice, kan dah use two 'nice' up there, T.T
6 wei tang which made me miss the one from the stall beside Uncle Yu Jin, that is much nicer XD
bak gua roti, quite xingfu de! but it would be nicer if there was mayonaise, because mayonaise + chicken floss = HEAVEN! heheheheheh
penang laksa which is not so penang according to my pet. the soup was nice, but.. I MISS SARAWAK LAKSA i'm so gonna eat it continuously when i go back WAHAHHAHAHA!
zhu chang fen, err, Zheng Gong Fu de is nicer! hehehe
ohh and another one i forgot to mention which is situated in the first collage
Thai Pork Satay!!! rawrrr it was yummeh <3!

just in case you're curious.. 
This is my pet, a pig/ wild boar named QiJian.
i walked him around with the emperor's strap
if you don't get me, try googling The Emperor's New Clothes. lol.

end of story! i actually manage to blog before 12am!
thanks to the super good wifi hahaha zzz

and uh, i settled the 20 marks Writing About Lit test
on The Road Not Taken
i think if i get to see that poem again
i'd vomit out my guts!
hopefully i did well IT'S TWENTY BLOODY MARKS! omg.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

i'm living in a pit of hot burning coals.

please read the title again if you did, and if you did not, move your eyes a bit lazy bug!
ok, i officially announce my current location: living hell
when the internet is down in college, WHAT MORE CAN WE DO!!

one suggestion.. SMASH GUITAR!!!
YAY i ROCKKKK!! lml raaaaa!

on second thought
i decide not to.
hahahaha actually there was no second thought
you'd know i was so joking just now if you have some brain juice in your coconut
lol lol
sorry this post seems meaningless which makes it..
a lot like most of my other posts anyway hahahaaha
intially i wanted to show you my guitar, OOH! i haven't named it yet laaa!
gimme one night XD holy shit it's already 12:08 which means i i i didn't blog for 23/10! RIGHT? t.t.
suan le =(( try see if i can meddle with the posting time later wahahahaha
aiya so actually i wanted just to show you my guitar but because the line is really so good i can;t help but complain haha.
okay goodbye, i only have one class tomorrow YAY! =D

Saturday, October 22, 2011

challenge accepted!

did anyone notice that i am blogging alot recently?
because i decided to challenge myself to break my own record, that is more than 19 posts per month!
just for fun T.T hahaha, when life gets boring, this is what you do ==
hahaaha i duno what to say actually
cz i am really blogging for the sake of blogging
but at least appreciate the time i invested in to take the above photos!
good! haha
am going to church later on. stress OMG t.t


Friday, October 21, 2011

haojiubujian de hechunju XD.

finally! =D




Thursday, October 20, 2011


hi!! =D.
so remember me mentioning about the stupid whatsoever thing that decided to grow on my face?
i went to clinic yesterday to get the cream, finally!
nahh! see see SEE! stupid rash, why, of all the places, WHY ON MY FACE!!!
grrrr... so yea, you can see that red thing below my lip. really sad =(

and don't go asking why am i wearing the black blazer which is obviously too big
well maybe not so obvious but IT IS too big
hahaha sorry i start talking to myself again
aiya hahaha actually it was just the class photo la
then we pakat liao wan wear baju kurung
but my baju kurung, well not mine because i do not have one
hahaha, ok sorry again i just love sidetracking T.T
AIYA! SO HO! the baju kurung i brought, which doesn't belong to me, but accompanied me to japan in form4, jpa interview in form5, and upu interview just few months ago, which belongs to my cousin, hahaha, it's zipper was spoiled! and i spent 10 minutes trying to fix it but it decided it wanted to stay indoors
ok, so i wasted one minute of your time elaborating on something you have no interest in, sorry but i'm not sorry because.. MY BLOG MA! MY TERRITORY i wan blog shit then you read shit OOPS
kinda rude T.T. let me rephrase. this is my blog, so if i wanna blog crap then you know la, you get to read crap. better? ok! continue. haha.

many people like my dress! =DD
and and also finally someone like my sandals also!
ngahaha, my sandals finally found their bo le. XD.
baru realized i never posted my new sandals got from times square here.
never mind one day i will hehehe.

family photo. haha.
because melody and qijian and huiwen too love to act cute
so daddy and mummy headache. =(.

hAIYA! sorry this is getting more and more boring
so yea, haha byebye!


lastly. I GOT A GUITAR!!
no photo yet also.
wait yo wait yo =DD.

ok finally BYEBYE!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


可是我又没有很努力 =.= 哈哈

Monday, October 17, 2011

strawberry yogurt..

 there's something very terrible on my face. i dunno how it came but it just appeared like that! i have to fight temptation to not scratch it and leave my face disfigured and i feel my hatred towards it growing. T.T. how in the world am i supposed to face the person i see in the mirror again =(. haih. somebody please help me!!

hopefully this does help.. T.T

really very sad =(. and more than 3 people say that i am darker now. and my face. omg
xuqingwa.. i think, when i go back, it's your time to laugh at me T.T.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


也许傻人真的会有傻福的 =D

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Melody: 谢谢你,是你陪我走过那些路...
Melody slippers: 痛是以后无法再给你幸福~

goodbye my dear slippers. 谢谢你,不知不觉陪了我快半年了
再见啦 亲爱的,我会怀念你的 =')

Thursday, October 13, 2011

linguistics my foot. t.t

pimples slowly crept their way back onto my face.
 and i was so stupid to believe they were ready to leave anyway. =( sad. lol.

and well, you know you are screwed..
when you have phonetics test on Tuesday
and you don't wanna try understanding the bloody symbols
and even if you try
you still do not understand
and that's when you're giving up hahaha
gosh die die die.

ahh.. Rocky! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

relax, relax!

i guess i really have to calm down and stop letting my emotions get control over my life.

i know, i know it is always normal to meet people who never do any work when you're doing group work, but why does it always have to be me!! T.T i'm sick of this =((. it's really important to look for the right group members and partners. and i expected life to be different, why, at least show me you know how to prioritize, seriously! you went through form6 or whatsoever pre-u and this is how you treat a 30% assignment? 不是一句麻烦你就可以这样把责任都推掉的你懂吗 ? haih. fa xie le. forgive you.
i really have to stop complaining and find the original me back. recently i am complaining too much and that's really unhealthy! T.T. hoping to see myself mature! T.T melody kho you can de! XDD. YOSH!

hahaha saw this in the pantry i felt like writing another note saying

                          nahh i got a spoon i dowan to use. don't thank me. karma will repay me. =)

lol lol. ok bye bye XDD.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

hahaha ah mei.

this was taken before i left kuching
apparently, mr elstan lim fuyan thinks that his name is very noob
well i just saw it when i was gonna transfer the below photos xixi

so i woke up around 10, and saw a message from ibe! 
 wo fa xian ibe you dian guai guai le, ke shi mei xiang na me duo..
ran hou...
cai fa xian, yuan lai bu shi China number message me, shi 1696 lol
cai faxian yuan lai ah mei ye hen miss me de shuo! =P

haole, haole, wo ying gai qu zuo gong ke le, hahahha

Saturday, October 8, 2011

not dried up yet!

ya my brain isn't dried up yet. scrolled through my photos and found out there were some things i forgot to blog about, which definitely have to be blogged!!!!! T.T
but firstly, greetings again, i am seriously annoyed by a coursemate
i have never felt so annoyed for such a long time gah!!
okay back!

photo time first before narration of tragedy starts.
 fariscina, weiqi, me, dashuai
we were gonna watch 3DNA!!
you don't know how happy we were
the two guys are hard core fans of Mayday
 yay! photo with 3D glasses.

and in we went to hall 13
it was really quiet
i wonder are all KL people lidat ==
it sure was weird for me T.T

so anyway. the silence continued for quite a long time
we were the noisiest group in the hall
very very syok sendiri
i dunno how i acquired this skill omg

grr i sidetrack again!
around half an hour later
an uncle came in and said
and i said "WALAO EH FML T.T"
haola. actually he just announced that something was wrong with the movie
and they tried to repair but nothing could be done
and i really said walao but no fml T.T

i almost cried T.T

lol i no mood to continue liao.

so after that we went sing k
lots of mayday songs
ok i am really lazy to blog liao T.T
byebye t.t t.t t.t

Thursday, October 6, 2011

leaving club 19!


 用choki choki写的哦!再次谢谢!

 四个美女哈哈wei qi, hui wen, cai mei, hui ni!
再次谢谢你们这班朋友,我感到很窝心 =)
不过我看到了很多外国帅哥 =X

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 ahhh! for one month in UM i never met him except for the orientation week padahal our fac is only like less than 10 minutes walking distance!!! until one day we met in pekan buku, and he came to visit my college. and and today, i went to visit his!!!
tadaaa! engineer in making XD. something i must say is that KOLEJ 2 is so freaking good!! They have air con in their dewan makan and everything is just so good there T.T. how come tong ren bu tong ming! i am the future teacher of the future engineers and doctors and everything lo! hahah. it sure felt good seeing someone back from Kuching, waa!