Sunday, October 23, 2011

i'm living in a pit of hot burning coals.

please read the title again if you did, and if you did not, move your eyes a bit lazy bug!
ok, i officially announce my current location: living hell
when the internet is down in college, WHAT MORE CAN WE DO!!

one suggestion.. SMASH GUITAR!!!
YAY i ROCKKKK!! lml raaaaa!

on second thought
i decide not to.
hahahaha actually there was no second thought
you'd know i was so joking just now if you have some brain juice in your coconut
lol lol
sorry this post seems meaningless which makes it..
a lot like most of my other posts anyway hahahaaha
intially i wanted to show you my guitar, OOH! i haven't named it yet laaa!
gimme one night XD holy shit it's already 12:08 which means i i i didn't blog for 23/10! RIGHT? t.t.
suan le =(( try see if i can meddle with the posting time later wahahahaha
aiya so actually i wanted just to show you my guitar but because the line is really so good i can;t help but complain haha.
okay goodbye, i only have one class tomorrow YAY! =D

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