Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye two-oh-one-four

Can you believe it's already the last day of the year?
People always say time flies, and they aren't even exaggerating, time flies
It's like I just welcomed 2014 yesterday, and it's already time to say goodbye.

What have I achieved this year?

- Traveled: Malacca twice, Penang countless, Thailand (and can you believe I'm going again yayy), Pulau Pangkor, Teluk Intan

- My fitness goal. (Just kidding, I failed, and I foresee myself failing again, haha)

- Carried a baby, I dared not to because they seem so fragile

- First (and last) ever dean's list recognition

- Gone and grown through practical, next challenge is FYP. bring it on!!!!

- Donated blood, twice! =D.

- JAY CHOU CONCERT HAHAHA, and joined my very first Facebook contest, all in the name of JAY CHOU <3 p="">

- Leveled up in my ability to take spicy food, try me. *smirk*
(these are not spicy to me at all)

- Got my hair permed

- Drove out of campus (although just that one day lol)

there must be a lot more, but I can't think of any at the moment

2014 wasn't a very good year
so much loss and tragedy
but I'm sure I have also gained a lot (of weight) along the way.
I know it is very cliche to say I wish for a better 2015
but that's what everyone does
and also that is what everyone really wishes for
so, 2015, please be very very good! =D

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I'm a Christian if you didn't know that
I'm not afraid to let people know that
But at the same time I don't go around telling people that
Because people will judge
I don't act like one anyway
I don't even say grace before meals anymore
People around me who know that will say I am not a faithful Christian, say that I'm unholy
I dunno, but I miss going to church
Especially during Christmas
I know what Christmas means
I know and I believe we are the reason He gave His life
I don't even know what I am considered now, but again I know He won't close the door
I know deep down I have someone watching over me

Merry Christmas all, hope you have an enjoyable one! :)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I kinda understand why people say inspiration comes at night, it's 3:17AM and I'm still awake
Remember me happily sharing with you my joy when I finally got to touch my tickets?

and remember me shamelessly asking for likes on Facebook?
I actually joined the competition so that I could sell the tickets I won cz if so I get to watch the concert for freeee! haha. big big thanks to all who helped liking and sharing the photo, I WON THE TICKETS! (which were then sold off to pay for my airfare to BKK in January heehee)

I might or might not have annoyed people around me with my hype over the concert
please forgive me, this is among one of my most important dreams
I also stood firm on my decision to buy the concert T-shirt and light stick
takkan I treat Mayday better than my Jay Chou rightttt?

allow me to continue in Chinese hehe

可能你觉得这张图没意思,不就是一堆荧光棒 对啊,是一堆荧光棒,可是是粉红色的
我 终于 亲眼 见识 粉红海!!!




整个舞台设计很好,只是不能说的秘密场景我没拍,我很专注在看啦 T.T





晚安周杰伦 我要睡了

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

done with Queen Latifah

second last day before I complete my second last semester
thank God I managed to complete the 20% assignment in time
the WiFi was down so I also played the stupid dinosaur game
can't wait for holidays to start, can't wait for exam to end, can't wait for Bangkok.
whee yes, it's CNY clothes shopping time after exam! =D

2 more tasks to go.
and Christmas is just around the corner!!!! =D

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I can wait forever

was scrolling through Facebook when I saw someone share a post on LDR
I don't always think a lot about us and what future holds for us
the post reminded me of what little time I have before it really becomes a long distance relationship
sure we had a few separations during semester break and all that, and I kinda like that because I believe we both need some time away from one another, but it is so dreadful when the missing kicks in
no amount of phone calls Skype calls or whatever call can make up for the absence
I dunno what to feel. T.T

anyway, this was once my favourite song during my English song phase =D
"I know distance doesn't matter, but you feel so far away"

Friday, December 5, 2014

PBET3107 community project

it's 12:16, there is no water supply, and I am feeling hungry. haha.
allow me to repeat myself, I can't believe it's already December.

it seems like just yesterday Mdm. Zuwati told us about this project we were supposed to carry out
I remember us getting excited about having our kids over, also us planning to raise fund and all that
I remember the last minute test run, and the frustration of not having all members present
and then suddenly poof it was the day, and then it's already a day after the day.
putting mahjong paper to good use.
this was taken 2.00am on the event day when we have finally settled and double confirmed everything
all the brainstorming and continuous work did feel like practical all over again
and I kinda miss those times, at least I was productive hahaha

still very childish. pika pika.

out of all 5 teams, two were my students! you cannot imagine how good it was seeing them again

my station. they were supposed to kick the sandal in the buckets to pick categories to answer and form a line, just like tic-tac-toe. but kicking was really hard.
anyway the pails look so cute hahaha,

the pingatsssss!

le me with the CHS students.

Min Chen's students whom I instantly grew to like.
but I can't help missing the lalala gang

okay I know, no favouritism.

I'm glad it's over, also, new personal achievement unlocked:
Driving in KL.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

the greatest hair transformation

I can't believe it is December already.
Breaking my own record, this is the year with the least posts since I started blogging here.
Age and laziness catching up or what

I have really really straight hair, I've tried various ways to curl it, tonging, tying a bun overnight, braids and all kinds of online hacks I come upon
I load my tonged hair with spray for college dinners
but the curls NEVER EVER stay, they just become loosened up and either totally straight or I look as if I am having my bad hair day.

and I finally decided to make a change, I saw this promotion on Groupon at RM98 for cold perm
that was supposed to be my farewell straight hair photo
but I came back with curls which became straight again the next morning with very dry ends.

so I got back to the shop, ahh, not to mention the stylist doesn't speak Mandarin so I had to communicate with him in Cantonese.
which of course I did not, cz WO BU HUI hahahha.
luckily I have kind friends who helped a lot at the communication part
and companion, and transport
why am I so lucky T.T

the boss told me my hair is the very rare type
which is too straight and stubborn
so he chopped off SEVERAL inches of my very long hair
most importantly he gave me a lot of layers shit shit shit

here I am, finally with curly hair

BUT, still not one that I can feel relieved of
because I slept with my hair still wet
and this morning the curls were gone
leaving me with messy frizzly hair

I kinda miss my straight hair already.
whattttt ==

no turning back =/