Monday, January 31, 2011

fly me to the moon =)

last Saturday. we decided to celebrate lu ee’s 20th birthday with her. special day tho, 5 friends of mine are having birthday on the same day, and even olin’s dad. lucky i don’t have to share my birthday with so many ppl hahaha okay i know this saying is not logical at all but i don’t care. @@.

so we decided to go to planet amour or amore or whatever it was hehehe i never bothered to check the spelling not like they’ll pay me for spelling it right right? =D.

after work ibeho came with my mum for me. and this card was produced! ahh and we painted nails!



and what we wore. sien i look so fat. == no i mean i am so fat. haha. sad. =((

and due to the too red lighting there, i didn’t take many pictures again.

ibeho’s fish whatever i forgot again T.t and my chicken chop.

the birthday girl is so leng, in a matured way, when can i ever be like her? ahha dreaming on.

and even nicholas lau can slim down gosh. ==


ugly i know. flash ma. and no photo editor here ma. XD

okay i’m not in the blogging mood la actually.

i need to let my brain rest.

will be back when i’m in the mood.

someone, anyone, please fly me to the moon!!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

nose high nose high

see this!!
remember ma?
see this now!
i feel so proud ah now!
and nao.. i am gonna paint my nails again. =D

Thursday, January 27, 2011

i said i wasnt in the blogging mood hahha

why on earth did i ever think accounts was interesting? ==
lucky i din kepo kepo go take in form5
this few pieces of paper
took me 3 days to digest
and like a cow i need to regurgitate it
too bad i dun have four brains ==
conclusion is
no conclusion
where did the 7k go? T.T
i became a collector.
introducing to u dong qi's baby
xi qi! =DDDDDD
so dong qi was fishing ahha
and olie's friends!!
no name yet
olie 1 olie 2 and olie 3 then hahahha
and lastly
bruises lol.
what can i say?
i hate medical supplies sarawak T.T


there's good news good news super news terrific news gosh the bestestest news i'll ever convey!
my modem was officially dead this morning.
i hope it rests in peace. =(
and here comes the bestestest news!
get ready
no more miss dc ohohohoohoh
new year wish come true ==.
actually i'm not in the mood to blog so bye hahaha

Monday, January 24, 2011

can't stop smiling

greetings =)
my new maybelline mascara! =D
and guess what?
i actually grew taller!
so i am still growing lol.
while cleaning up at home
i decided to do something to the shelve in my room.
too bad i didn't take the before photos. =(
side view.
stuck jewelery boxes so that i can keep my rings and so on.
front view!
i added the polka dots and pink ribbons.
i am very satisfied!
and our accessories are now arranged according to colours.
i very ngian! =DDD
and that's all for now.
goodnite. =D

i love this song for now.
bye =D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

i need some serious sleep =(

i've been pretty busy recently.
hence the lack in blogging
and online-ing.
if there is such thing called online-ing that's it haha.
why so busy?
because i had a project going on!
our Q1 lg booklet.
but fulfilling. =).
yes, haha. i used makeup to colour them again.
project two
this is the backside of my bible.
due to the colours of the sticker
two people thought i was actually reading a dictionary.
yes Oxford dictionary, the one navy blue with red and yellow.
since my bible edi mi mi lok lok
and since i had the diy mood on
and my things were still not kept..
i did this!
i think i like!
see the side still got this ah!
was tempted to write L.o.D.e.E studio again at the backside
a bit paiseh i duno why hahaha.
no logo T.T
the photos below are repeated.
i dunno why
so dont blame me
it's bloggers fault
off for breakfast!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

the f.

finally i know the feeling of the rape victims.
i was just grabbed at my hand
yet i felt fear and dirtiness.
a storeman at my office grabbed my hand twice.
the first time i was at my seat doing things.
the second time i was walking up the staircase from the store to the office.
he came and passed me something
then he grabbed my hand.
both times were with strength
the first time i thought he was just playing
so i din do anything although i didn't feel good.
the second time i was scared.
i din know what the hell was he trying to do.
yeap i told the supervisor.
if it happens again i'll make sure he is dead.
mamagonggong lasapngin.

Monday, January 17, 2011

system down.

hi. =)
since i am not daring enough to use real lenses
i might as well edit
just for fun.
but i like this boh. =(
i had a nice day at work
because the server was down!
so nothing could be done
until 2.30 pm
i tell u
i never felt so happy for long!
and we hung out the cny decorations wei!
i wan cny liao!!!!
holiday holiday holiday please

Thursday, January 13, 2011

hello medical supplies.

it seems like i don't really mention about my work here
but it doesn't mean it is good.
sometimes, no news can mean bad news!

so two of my colleagues are away for orientation.
a week.
hell yeah, so i have to do my part
plus their part.
she left
A LOT for me to clear for her. A LOT.
the part i hate most is
answering phone calls.
if you ask me a job which i will never ever attempt
it will be operator/receptionist.
stop calling. T.T

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

what if.. just what if..? XD

what if i say now i wanna cut my hair again?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

i wan rapunzel long hair T.T

so i managed to cheat some people with this photo.
i feel so satisfied.
haha, because i am always the one who gets cheated
now it's my turn!
this is my current hairstyle.
i did go for a haircut.
i asked for flat bangs
and less layer, because i have a mission: KEEP IT LONG!
something sien is that it's hard to mess up my hair.
i want it messy la. =(
yeap, since my hair is thick, i thought i can have these types of waves
just that i dowan it so curly.

maybe like this!
wish me luck! =DDD

Friday, January 7, 2011

zan nen.

i am so sad! i missed the zhong yi da guo ming when FT Island went!
i need pps. =(
how nice if i were in taiwan last christmas.
i would have given anything just to join their concert.
hongki oppa. T.T

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the past. now. the future

bye to year 2010 and all the terrible happenings i had before today.
my life was a mess, entwined in between destruction and disaster.
i made choices which were so stupid they ruined the part of my life which should be filled with happiness
i hurt people and got hurt
i hated myself for causing heartache and worries to those who love and care for me
i plastered a big smile on my face while inside i was living in a cocoon of fear and darkness
i had little faith, i doubted things would be better for me
i gave in to that fear and was immediately engulfed by darkness
still, i continued smiling like it was nothing at all
once in a while, i get to forget what i was going through

now, i am freed, partially
the past still haunts me.
i have nightmares.
but i know one day, i'll recover
my wounds will be healed
and my scars erased
i am getting stronger
i am standing firm
i am taking up a few challenges
i hope i can complete them
now i can smile from the bottom of my heart
i like how this smile feels on my face
because right now it echoes with what i really feel inside
i'm officially a brand new me
let the past pass =)
i have learnt a lot
and among them, i learned to believe
and to love myself more =D

i will continue growing
i need to be more matured and independent
eating alone can be lonely
but it can also mean i am no longer afraid of loneliness
being single is nice, in fact, it is addictive
life is too short to be wasted in tears and disappointment
great transformations occurred in me and my life
luckily there are things which i had with me all along the journey.
Him, my friends, and my family!

this post is freaking long with only words and no picture at all to colour it up
i dunno if anyone reads until here because i probably wouldn't XD
but IF you do, let me say this to you, you are one of them i meant up there, you are part of my source of courage, thank you so much. I love you!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

i is a kid.

i cleaned off my nail colour!
let them rest.
cny wan paint nice nice again.
thinking of the pattern already
i received my pay!
ya very little.
7 days nia what i expect!!!
i look
childish T.T
one door closed.
two doors open.
quote of the day. XD

Sunday, January 2, 2011

warning: this is gonna be long.

i cant believe it!
tomorrow i need to continue working again.
ugh =(
i hate that feeling.
suan le. blog first before i sleep =D

this morning we went to Causeway Bay II for breakfast
my almond tea =)
i like.
the XO sauce carrot cake
not bad too =D
there were other food
but they didn't look camera ready
so i didn't take for them
next we went for facial and haircut then massage.
my first facial.
one word: painful T.T
haircut: regret! it's short again ohmygosh.
my first massage.
my feeling: i don't really enjoy it.
feels weird

after the massage, went to green gallery while waiting for dad
these bears are seriously cute!
cute dao i wan carry them home T.T
since this year is the rabbit year
so there were also soooo many carrots!
oops i mean rabbits =X
me with rabbit #1
don't ask why i hide at kak kak
still cant get over my hair T.T
bought these from 100 yen shop
not cute meh?
can even open up
like lego!

that night.
i didn't take any photos.
because the lighting was not good
these are what i took
love letters
from me
to my friends who could make it that night!

lynn chan. nearly lost this friend. lucky i didn't.
things changed.
time passed.
but i hope friends remain friends!
he wrote me back a meaningful message
i was touched i almost cried
but i didn't
i just kept smiling.
like a fool.
thank you my friend!
we don't talk much
but i don't know why is his letter that long.
always loves to bully me
but also a faithful listener.
i miss her so much!
haven't seen her for ages
but she is still as tall
how call gaomei
lasap liang
my didi =)
thanks. thanks =D
no idea why.
i mean, it's not like we didn't meet for years
my best friend
in my class
i forgot what i wrote
he is indeed a nice friend.
and definitely a gentleman
aiseh lucky he cant see this if not
nose pong again @@
mr green and eco!
my bf no 3
ok la he was never my bf but i like calling him that.
hope he wont forget us even with his new friends =D
i used to collect all these beautiful papers and envelopes
and i never intended to use them up
merely because they are too beautiful to me
but i guess
by writing love letters to my lovely friends, it's worth it!
wait till i get the chance to meet ah jo, meilin mama and miss stella hii. =)
i love my friends!
thanks for beautifying my life.
i suddenly miss school times.
btw i purposely edited the effect of the letters.
so that what i wrote
is only in between me and that particular person

wow this post sure took me long.
it's high time i slept.
i don't wanna become the next panda.
nite people

ohh and this is joshua's version of the gathering XD
click here if you wanna read it.
at least his has photos of food and us haha.
happy new year! =)