Saturday, January 31, 2015

I have a cute mom

One afternoon in the car
Me: Meow, I'm a cat.
Mom: No, you're not. I'm a cat.
Me: *turns and look at her*
Mom: I'm the queen of cat.

Also, I found this Pusheen #1 sitting in my wardrobe.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Bangkok 2015 Part 2

back to Bangkok. =)
this was Day 2
roadside breakfast on our way to currency exchange because it was said that the rates were better over there. try Superich, which is a walking distance from Platinum Fashion Mall.
remember how I boast about the level of spiciness I can take?
I added about 3 teaspoons of chili flakes and this whole thing was so spicy I couldn't finish it
lol and I was kinda sad for wasting the food. it tasted pretty good without additives.

Sawadeekaaa =D
the main event of the day was to go to Chocolate Ville
so we spent the rest of the morning in Platinum Fashion Mall where quite a lot of damage was done
I think I did half of my shopping that morning itself. lol.

my holiday nails. =D

and then we took a cab to Chocolate Ville, most of the drivers don't want to go by meter
and I guess we didn't have the patience to wait for one who was willing to
we paid 400 baht for the ride there, but reviews I have read before all said that going by meter would save us some bucks. guess quite a lot of our money were wasted on cab rides.

anyhow, we reached the destination and had about an hour before the booking time
and it was of course *drum rolls* photo time!! =D

"When I ask you to sit down, you sit down"

"Fret not, I have a driving license."

I dunno. Model wannabe. haha.

Jump shots are back! =D

"We should probably pretend to be talking"

I kinda like this. heee, Mr Teoh seems to understand the types of photos I like to take. ngek ngek

all day every day hahaha

just because my legs look so long here XD

we finally decided it was too hot and we were too tired so we went to our table

and took a very very

very very long time to look through the menu because it wasn't even 5pm

and we finally settled for:
Waikiki Pizza whatever that is, Baked spinach, Tomyum goong and some mushroom risotto
I don't know why it didn't look to be a lot but we were bloated and even had to takeaway some food
the entire meal cost us 1180 baht, which I consider quite reasonable

it was almost dark after we were done

and look! that's how Chocolate Ville looks at night! =D

by the way, we have to make reservations for our table
so I found their Facebook and on their Facebook I saw their website
which I clicked into, in hopes of having a better description of the place or menu or whatever
but every single thing I clicked on just sent me back to their Facebook, hahaha
it was quite a troll moment for me.

getting back to the hotel was another 390 baht.
then we ventured into the red light districts
and kinda got cheated into a gogo bar
and later, to watch a supposedly Ah Gua show which turned out to be a tiger show
it's okay la, I told myself it would be the first and last time for me.
so much money wasted, I could have bought a few more pair of shoes, a few more dresses and shorts
bahhh. lesson learnt.

by the way, tickets for next vacation bought! =O
hahaha I am quite excited.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

read book write book

taking a break from travel posts because I am too lazy to edit and transfer photos
by edit and transfer I mean my standard Meituxiuxiu high brightness low contrast protocol
and uploading to Facebook [Only me] and then downloading into the laptop to be uploaded again
anyway, I was more than happy to find two John Green sitting on the shelves

which brings me back to the challenge given by Mr Teoh.
ideas keep popping out but I still haven't made up my mind
what should my story be about? LOVE? so cliche.
but there are so many good, un-cliche love stories too
but then again, come to face it, I AM NOT GOOD. lol
how about the settings? where? when?
gahh. let me just enjoy books first.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Bangkok 2015 Part 1

I might or might not continue my previous Thailand trip, it's been almost a year! lol
but there seem to be so much more to talk about. we'll see, since I have decided to blog more
so it was finally the much anticipated Bangkok trip with two of my favourite TCCs
well actually, I only know of two TCCs. haha.
do you also put your legs on your luggage?
I know mom would probably scold me for behaving very unladylike but I'm rebellious like that (lol)
somehow I became the personal assistant, but it made me feel so in charge
heehee not trying to brag but I settled most of the things for the trip! =D
we stayed at Siam Star Hotel which is at the Pratunam area, just beside/behind Baiyoke Sky Tower
found it on and it was the one with the best offer (5200 baht for 4 nights)
after settling down, we went to the Pratunam Night Market of course
this uncle is so dedicated, so the satay was really yummy and juicy *slurp*, and also worth the wait
and guess what, at only 10 baht each! Mr Teoh created his one day one (or many more) pork satay slogan
then we wandered around, obviously still unfamiliar with the surrounding, until we stumbled upon an open space which we saw when we were on the way to the hotel
there was a band playing on the makeshift stage, and had a cup of Chang beer each
there were only 3 to 4 tables including us, and everyone seemed to be laid back and relaxing
isn't that what traveling is supposed to be about?
then we got tired, and walked back to our hotel.
oh did I mention our first meal in Bangkok was McDonald's. haha

Thursday, January 22, 2015


是啊 要解决太难太难
此乃吾自LINE x Pavilion赢回来的可爱小兔,名字叫Bojee波奇

Friday, January 16, 2015

in another 8 hours!

I had an extremely packed but fulfilling day which lasted from 9am yesterday to 5am this morning
which I will definitely blog about but not now, not yet.
because in another 8 hours I will be in Bangkok! ngehehehe
the day has finally come. oooh.
but I'm still halfway done
so scared of forgetting something, lol
okay anyway yayyyyy wish me a happy trip see you when I'm back! =D

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


HELLO! I've recently (2.30am this morning) stumbled upon this Taiwanese band
watching this MV of theirs just made me yearn even more to go to Europe haha shit but it's a nice song!

by the way, spot me? XD

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

semester 7 done!

tada, done with the only paper of the semester!
I've recently reread Angels and Demons, and then watched the movie for the second time
Dan Brown will always remain one of my favourite authors
seeing Instagrammers I follow making footsteps in Europe makes me so envious
I'm so done with reading about St. Peter's Basilica, so done with the Vatican City, how about Museo del Louvre? and the Pantheon? and Saint Mark's Basilica?
I wanna be there, I don't care if they say it isn't as glamorous or high class as we see in movies
I never wanted to bask in the glam anyway, I just need to be there to experience all that in person.
I'm not ready to settle into a mundane life upon graduation, although I still have a semester to go
and mummy just gave the green light for work and travel, how can I not be excited? hahahha.
NZ or Canada? Canada is SOOOOO near to Europe you see..... okay, not really, but still...
ahh. better get some sleep first, I'm kinda exhausted.
helllllo holiday! :D

Monday, January 12, 2015

yes. me. sad.

I was overcome by negative vibes again.
Probably not a good time for the occasional emotional breakdown
but things like this just come, giving you no chance to say wait till I finish my exam
being back in my room makes matters worse, I need silence, not roommates who talk too much.

Am I a happy person to you? I guess I appear as a carefree and generally happy person
and it says Libras are naturally sad, they need to be sad
and sometimes I can't help nodding and feel so understood when I read these articles
it's like no one understands me better than the authors, haha.
suddenly I don't remember why I started this post
I wonder what does losing me feel like.
okay I should stop. I have a final exam in about 11 hours time.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


there are certain things I find myself unable to see eye to eye with
why do people call their friends bitches
I know it is how they express their love and shows how close they are *rolls eyes*
call me traditional or what, I find it stupid and it hurts my eyes.

I said I am gonna start studying on the 9th
but I've been so free I contemplated starting early
so all geared up to make notes, I got out my A4 papers and pens
and then the mood just left, lol.

I can't stop thinking about the upcoming Bangkok trip
what am I going to pack, and the things that I'm going to do
and because passport covers are too expensive
I made my own out of the leftover felt
then I added on the big ribbon, just to realize no one wants such a bulky passport cover
luckily I lost my needles and hadn't stitched it on.

I seriously cannot wait anymore. ahhhh.
hang in there Melody Kho, 9 more dayssssss!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I have nothing better to do

I wanna lie in bed all day long
and cry when I feel like it
and get mad whenever I feel like it
and sleep when I get tired of doing what I am doing

I want to not care about whether or not I will hurt someone else
I want, for one day, to not give a damn about others
to not be the one compromising
I wanna disappear for a few hours and just not care about anything 
  I want to have so many books to read that I forget to sleep and eat
forget about that. I finished reading my last available book last night
so all I want to do now is sleep and hug my toys
well unless I'm so desperate I start reading the Enid Blytons that I planned to give the ex-owner's son

Sunday, January 4, 2015

1096 days

here comes the anniversary post. our 3rd year together
and the places we have been to together in Malaysia
actually I conveniently left out certain places to not spoil my well-plotted map
lol lol, call me genius.

lunch treat by Mr Teoh at T.G.I.Fridays. it's my first time being there! haha
we had fish and chips, and some ribs thingy.
thank you for planning everything.
the thought really does count a lot! =D

 and look, he even got me my first ever perfume, a stranger to a girl like me, who still acts like a kid XD

later that night we went to Donutes for our read/ studying/ chat/ cafe session
in which I fell asleep on the couch and woke up once to plain water and super rich chocolate cake
and another time, to leave at 3:40am. quite productive huh. hehehe.

the past year wasn't all a fridge full of chocolate ice-cream (not a fan of roses)
there were times I seriously thought of giving up because it just didn't seem to work
I didn't like the person I turned out to be
but luckily there's this guy who never gave up and who never let go

thank you my bubu.
and here's to many more years to come. =D *cheers*

Friday, January 2, 2015

day two, 2015


I'm not gonna make any resolutions, I'd probably forget them by February anyway.
but I do have some goals and directions I wanna work towards

1st: To blog more. 
lol, the past year was terrible, 57 posts. ohmy. maybe I should bring the February challenge back.

maybe not, we'll see. =)

2nd: Mr. Teoh challenged me to write a book. 
if I fail he kidnaps Oinky for one week. deadline for first draft is 31st July 2015. holy shit, it's Oinky we're talking about, #challengeaccepted

3rd: a better me in all aspects
to love and care for the important ones in life especially.

next blog shall be about our 3rd anniversary. :D

hope you had a great start for 2015!