Friday, January 23, 2015

Bangkok 2015 Part 1

I might or might not continue my previous Thailand trip, it's been almost a year! lol
but there seem to be so much more to talk about. we'll see, since I have decided to blog more
so it was finally the much anticipated Bangkok trip with two of my favourite TCCs
well actually, I only know of two TCCs. haha.
do you also put your legs on your luggage?
I know mom would probably scold me for behaving very unladylike but I'm rebellious like that (lol)
somehow I became the personal assistant, but it made me feel so in charge
heehee not trying to brag but I settled most of the things for the trip! =D
we stayed at Siam Star Hotel which is at the Pratunam area, just beside/behind Baiyoke Sky Tower
found it on and it was the one with the best offer (5200 baht for 4 nights)
after settling down, we went to the Pratunam Night Market of course
this uncle is so dedicated, so the satay was really yummy and juicy *slurp*, and also worth the wait
and guess what, at only 10 baht each! Mr Teoh created his one day one (or many more) pork satay slogan
then we wandered around, obviously still unfamiliar with the surrounding, until we stumbled upon an open space which we saw when we were on the way to the hotel
there was a band playing on the makeshift stage, and had a cup of Chang beer each
there were only 3 to 4 tables including us, and everyone seemed to be laid back and relaxing
isn't that what traveling is supposed to be about?
then we got tired, and walked back to our hotel.
oh did I mention our first meal in Bangkok was McDonald's. haha

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