Tuesday, January 13, 2015

semester 7 done!

tada, done with the only paper of the semester!
I've recently reread Angels and Demons, and then watched the movie for the second time
Dan Brown will always remain one of my favourite authors
seeing Instagrammers I follow making footsteps in Europe makes me so envious
I'm so done with reading about St. Peter's Basilica, so done with the Vatican City, how about Museo del Louvre? and the Pantheon? and Saint Mark's Basilica?
I wanna be there, I don't care if they say it isn't as glamorous or high class as we see in movies
I never wanted to bask in the glam anyway, I just need to be there to experience all that in person.
I'm not ready to settle into a mundane life upon graduation, although I still have a semester to go
and mummy just gave the green light for work and travel, how can I not be excited? hahahha.
NZ or Canada? Canada is SOOOOO near to Europe you see..... okay, not really, but still...
ahh. better get some sleep first, I'm kinda exhausted.
helllllo holiday! :D


-Valerie Yee- said...

Glad that you have the permission to get travel and work ahhh~
Mind post me a postcard if you are there?! XD

mOmO said...

hahah, if I have confirmed ady sure, why not? =D. I'll update if got la. =))