Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pangkor escape

I have finally revamped my whole blog layout, which is somewhat a great achievement

went to Pangkor with Mr Teoh during the midsem break for a much needed escape
things and people were weighing me down
the drive to Lumut was kinda torturing because we didn't know it was such a long journey
but because ice-cream fixes almost everything, I felt a bit hyped up after this.

 we stayed at the Pangkor town, walked to the nearest beach, which was not beautiful at all haha.

 just for record purposes, dinner. I think I am addicted to cilipadi.

and then it was beauty time. do you also bring masks when traveling? haha

I should probably start taking street photos, I need inspiration

and a good camera. yes I am starting to feel too restricted by my humble and faithful S2

breakfast before heading to Teluk Nipah where I stayed during our Pengurusan Unit Beruniform camp

 because you just have to Instagram every single box of beautiful snack you have.
sometimes I wonder if people buy these to eat or simply to take photos
I know it's both for me hahaha I cannot resist all these Japanese snacks

 no water activity though cz it was the time of the month. how depressing. lol, I didn't even bring along my swimsuit

went mini island hopping though, and here's me amazed by the clearness of the water I think.

our failed version of #followmeto hahaha Mr Teoh why you cannot stand properly

boyfriend. =)

the apam balik was still nice, though not as nice as I remembered

no water activities so I spent the afternoon reading on the swing
while Mr Teoh happily played his TOS without me disrupting and getting mad

 long time no instax. I saw a Groupon promotion, 4 boxes of films at RM83, how ah?

dinner was steamboat

with this view!!! wheeee!
but it started to rain hahaa

look at how sunburnt I got. thank God for Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel haha 

the next morning we walked to the Pangkor Island Art Gallery because we thought we saw a coffee machine during our walk back to the hotel on the first night

and we were right! haha, hipster max, even go traveling also wanna hunt for cafes

finally left for KL, but not before we drove by Sitiawan for Gong pia

I still prefer Song Kheng Hai. haha. this was totally different.

and then it was Pun Chun Restaurant in Bidor for wantanmee and pastries.

thank you for being by my side, thank you for the wonderful 3 days. =)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wednesday afternoons

don't remember if I have mentioned before, but probably not considering how little I update now, oops
almost every Wednesday afternoon, Mr Teoh Chee Chean and I would go cafe hunting
this round it was PULP by Papa Palheta

I wanted a photo outside sitting on that chair but it's hard to tell people how I want my photos to be
so here's how it looks from the outside, minus me. haha.
I'm in love with high ceilings, and this place, it has high ceilings! =D
after a few rounds of our cafe hunting, I realized I am just not that into coffee
or maybe I'm too into chocolate.

banoffee tart. do you know what banoffee stands for?
banana and toffee. *smirking emoji*

and what do we do during our coffee session
apart from drinking of course haha
I read, and he games, someone has gone to the evil side of the Tower of Saviors =O
As for this book, I have been reading it for more than a month but for some reason, I haven't been able to finish it yet, it's good, but I dunno what's wrong with me. haha.

by the way
last night was the most magical night I have ever experienced so far
I'll definitely blog about it before 2014 ends. haha.
till then, bye!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


HI! I'm one month late, haha.
I'm now 23 years and 1 month old
still loving Oinky very much
birthday treat from the one and only
and grumpy boyfriend

too many things have happened in 2014
I have said this before but can't help repeating
it's so depressing
can November and December just pass without further sorrow?
can the new month and the coming new year bring new hope and help heal scars?

a quick update on recent life:
dyed my hair black some few weeks back
but coloured it again few days back
week 8 of the semester
thesis progress 0%
first ever midterm to come in week 9
a lot of swimming and gym
spent a happy weekend with mum and cousins
having two episodes of The Originals pending
EXCITED FOR JAY CHOU, 9 more days to go

and I'm doing something I have never done before
I know it's annoying but I can really go this far for him haha
please, help me Like this photo on Facebook if you haven't

signing off 1 year and 1 month wiser. haha