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Friday, August 23, 2013

Taiwan Day 2 彩虹眷村 日月潭

HELOO dis iz notii.
hi! it's Oinky again, forgive Naughti, he cannot spell but is so eggcited to blog just because I say I want to, stupid brother. I really cannot stand mommy, why is she so lazy? every night I see her talking to daddy but she just doesn't want to blog, if not then she blogs about other things because she is LAZY to recall the Taiwan trip! so despite her debt of 4 ice creams (yes, she bought me one like FINALLY), here I am to continue day 2 for her. another 5, mommy.
the typical Taiwanese breakfast in 来来豆浆. mommy liked the soya milk, she said it tasted a bit burnt. I tried also and I dislike it, just like my daddy. they call that like father like son I think.

this bowl of beef noodles was really really nice although it costed them I think about RM15 O.O
mommy said she misses it

just to give you some background information, for the first few days it was more to sightseeing so they were almost always on the go, but because they used 台湾包车 they had more freedom regarding the time. I miss 洪哥

we went to a small deserted village called the Rainbow village
彩虹爷爷painted all the walls =D
I also want a colourful room when I grow up.

Mommy and Aunty Isabella Christmas Tiong
I dunno why she calls herself Christmas, it's my birthday not hers

this Mommy take photo never ask me along pity me and daddy

it's my cover photo in case you didn't know that. 

from then on all these people got darker and darker day by day. hehe
but I think uncle hong zai was at his maximum already, daddy almost =P

Mommy said she loves this photo. me too. I think maybe daddy also.
maybe only. 

mommy was so happy because she did her nails for RM15 the previous night in FengJia night market
RM15 only, she exclaimed.
very happy meh! she could've bought me 15 RM1 ice creams with that.

after that they went to 日夜潭


I just asked mommy what this is, she is rolling around on the floor ==
she said it is something like fortune cookie, just that you insert the coin and the little postman will go inside the post office and come out with a message for you. daddy got one. I hope it tells him how to become as cute as me.

mommy said daddy 一日一香肠
she 一日一冰淇淋

quote mommy: scammed by scumbag apple banana
she said it tasted banana, only the skin was apple-like ==


long long queue to buy the famous herbal eggs.
each day they sell about 10 thousand of them! O.O
daddy said it could be because that's the only shop there.

and this mommy quite 花痴
even now she keeps telling me how handsome that guy is
I also think so, but my daddy is more handsomer

mommy said it was very very nice!
I know she doesn't really like to eat herbal eggs because of too many experience with tasteless ones
but this was perfect!!
she is rolling around again saying she misses it ==

daddy, please do something.

before leaving for the guest house, they went to this handmade chocolate shop
the truffle chocolate was so so nice

==, mommy is rolling again, on the hard floor. ==


on the way the stopped to buy some souvenirs and these two aunties found me very cute.
you don't say. hehehe.

mommy didn't upload the rest of the photos, maybe she plans to have a part 2.
let's see if I have to help her again. till then, bye!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

for the first time ever

I won tickets for the Unbeatable movie premiere thanks to Nuffnang =D
though not in KL, still Miss Froggie and I went for the movie
and I have no regrets =D

'If you have nothing else to lose, what would you do for yourself?'

okay so the main point I wanted to watch this movie was because of Eddie Peng hahaha 
quoting my own winning answer for the tickets:
how could someone be so cute and hot at the same time lol

it was a nice motivational movie but because I was too distracted with the cuteness of Eddie I didn't really get as touched as Mr. Zhangqijian whom according to himself cried from the middle of the movie until the very end. hahaha. cute, sentimental boy =P

Monday, August 19, 2013

a date with the girls =D

a break from Taiwan
caught up with Ibeho and Lu Ee over toasts
empty table in The Spring's foodcourt

and a spontaneous K-session
pardon the low quality of S2 front camera and low light in Kbox

gossiping is never boring haha.
but oh, we have matured.
time oh time what have you done?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I finally landed my feet on Formosa

I figured I'd just blog day by day haha
at least photos can keep you scrolling even if the description suck XD
we were lucky the typhoon just passed when we reached.
our first flight together =)

these four were diagnosed to have hallucination

they thought they were sunflowers. O.O

am not a flower person

but an ice-cream person

hehehe. me with my first ice cream in Taiwan
红豆梅花冰 =D

kids. haha

I think I was on a quest to get closer to Jay Chou
spotted this in a souvenir shop in that Love Story Building
somehow it looked like Jay Chou is the one getting married instead haha

happy kid with his 一日一香肠

next stop was for lunch

this was SO SO GOOD I'm missing it /.\

and this was totally worth the queue! it was so soft and kinda fluffy haha

at Gaomei wetlands where 白色风车 MV was taken lol

it's a small world after all!
yes, I met Chyemei in the Feng Jia night market

Taiwan is all about food and the warm hospitality of the people over there!
I think I should dedicate a post for the food we ate there!



dragged this post long enough, I actually drafted it two days ago
hoping Oinky would come and complete it for me
but well, maybe I haven't bought him his 5 ice creams. XD

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

lunch and movie date

oh I've finally finished uploading the Taiwan trip photos to my Facebook
but not ready to blog about it yet, so here's something to keep this space updated =D
it was actually my first time going to Fullhouse haha quite unbelievable but true

Pumpkin soup

Iced Lemon Tea without ice

Spaghetti Al-Fungi
which sounded very much like some religious kitab or something which we would get in secondary school Sejarah textbooks haha

the food was surprisingly quite good, maybe because I was stereotyping.
to me fancy restaurants meant either 'okay' or bad food haha

we then caught the Karaking which again was surprisingly not bad
maybe because I brought no anticipation
there were only 6 people in the cinema hall by the way @@

Saturday, August 10, 2013

KK stop over

hello goodnight everyone, this is Oinky. mummy uploaded these photos a few days ago and saved this post in draft but she is always so lazy or busy with i dunno what she never brings me for icecream also. blogging seems fun because i can talk so much so i decided to help mummy finish this blog post as a belated mothers' day gift! 
ps: dear mummy if you happen to read this post remember you owe me 5 ice creams for this =D

we were in KK for one day before flying off to Taiwan at 6.10 the next morning
mummy brought us for this Dotts egg tart which she said was very nice
i cannot comment on that because THEY DID NOT LEAVE ANY FOR ME

they had too much time so they watched Red 2 at RM5 only, so cheap!!
the next time i want to go watch with Naughti also hehe

my daddy looks just like that stupid minion
i don't like minion. naughti also don't like minion.

i have no idea why mummy took this photo
but she said it looks like a stage like maybe someone will go up and dance
maybe it is a multipurpose cinema hall hehe.

they had their dinner at the 大茄来restaurant

and mummy said they didn't know how to order food

so they did not enjoy their dinner

like how she did when she went to KK last year


after dinner they walked to a night market and saw lots and lots of seafood.
and never buy for me also. argh!!!!!!

oh introducing my travel partners
Uncle Hong zai, Aunty Qiqi, Aunty Zongjia, my cutest mummy and my daddy.
i think i sort of miss my daddy although i don't really love him as much as i love mummy.
i think he also dont love me very much.