Monday, December 31, 2012

looking back

hi so little posts this month again. haha. but as usual, there must be the annual flashback!
but the thing is, i lost quite a lot of my precious photos in the process of backing up and changing laptops T.T
so what have I been doing the past 365 days?
on the very first day of the year. =)
sometimes I wish I never got involved with anyone before
because if so i'll have the best ever first
but i guess whatever i've gone through made me as I am today
and i am sorta grateful for that.

in February, I finally dyed my hair.
thanks to Liese bubble dye and frankly speaking i feel like dying again for the CNY!

in March, we got to wear nicely and makeup nicely for the PKC
that was also the choir month and me who vowed to quit choir, am still joining choir for the coming FESENI
lol, i can foresee ugly makeup coming my way.

April - Chew Jetty, Penang.
it was a memorable trip. =)

and May the month when modern dance was very active
i actually miss us dancing together.
things have changed without our noticing
and i know they'll never be the same again

Teluk Intan before finally going home after 4 months

i remember being really homesick
and i also remember how i felt i could fly when i stepped out of the plane

and then it was meeting up with the long missed Kuching friends

and also bringing the long missed Mr Teoh around Kuching =D

also in July, being one of the jimuis in Tien Tien jiejie's wedding
and now i can't wait to get back to Kuching to see all the newborn babies!!
baby Estrella, baby Elsa and another one to come! =D

in August, we traveled to KK for the very first time
i fell in love with thier sea.

September : Hafla.
so dancing is really fun!

in October, I've settled down back to where i will spend my coming 2 and a half years
back to the people whom i've grown used to and also grown to love
my 21st in Kuantan =)

November was also a busy month juggling assignments, presentations, tests, activities and social life
but i still managed to visit Cameron Highlands, Singapore and Penang. haha
and you think that makes me a good juggler? no, haha because those trips were during mid sem break lol

and just yesterday, i got back from a short escape with zhangqijian, Oinky and daddy mummy =D
i know i'm making it look like a semester break already haha.
and the truth is it really feels so oh my gosh T.T

also, we broke the record this month by watching 5 movies!
it used to be a movie per month.
but Life of Pi, Rise of the Guardians and Pitch Perfect were really too awesome!!!

and there goes my 2012. no doomsday. a year quite well spent with all the lovely people.
it was indeed a fruitful year with many trips for me
Penang, Genting, Teluk Intan, Serikin, Sabah, Kuantan, Singapore, Cameron.
i know i need to learn a lot more on being a better person
to appreciate and love everything i have, including myself
and also not forgetting to be a blessing to the people around me
lastly, i should definitely be studying now. haha.
so goodbye for the moment. see you in 2013. lol

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

a white white christmas =)

happy study week and merry christmas from us! =D
left my Christmas hat in KL =(

last night, i came out from the bathroom
and Santa Teoh appeared with his hat, and snow!!
and just so coincidentally i was wearing white
so.. it's a white white Christmas!

the season of giving and thanksgiving heehee
no turkey but this guy had been craving for bak gua since a long long time ago lol
a very blessed Christmas to everyone =)
i'm thankful and grateful for the things and the people around me
i'm gonna meet daddy mummy very soon!!
oh we survived the apocalypse haha congratulations!
and i'm gonna go dream about a white christmas haha

Thursday, December 20, 2012

i'm officially freeeeee! for the moment..

oh beautiful dreamcatcher.
catch me all the beautiful dreams. =D

insert random pircture of me 
what if it were doomsday tomorrow?
so many things yet untold
so many things yet to be done
so many things yet to come
so many things..
and my Christmas? my new year? my Chinese new year?!
hahaha actually i really don't believe in that shit so
and i just came back from ahem. retail therapy. and am feeling so awesome now =D
see ya. XD

oh but in case the world decides to end tomorrow..

Saturday, December 15, 2012

a very messy update of my current life.

which is very much like my life now: SUPER DISORGANIZED.
super cute Santa cupcakes i saw in Midvalley some weeks ago =D
oh i can really sense Christmas knocking on my door!!

some thing i crazily got myself into, will talk about it again! hehe

maybe i really did slim down. or maybe just my illusion.
after a presentation which i enjoyed the most for this semester =)

walked down happily to 7th college for the caroling just to receive their goody bag because it was over T.T
i love how Christmas songs always make me feel all fuzzy and warm from inside

as i said, disorganized. this was taken this morning in The Gardens
it is actually a Christmas tree made of lots and lots of these heels.
so many Cinderella's ah? XD or maybe Santa decided to wear heels hoho
Rise of Guardians was VERY AWESOME!!!

hi i look so fair and i know that thank you =) haha

and today, i had my first ever Carl's Junior. some serious burger business that is haha

21/11/2012 O.O almost a month back my god. some random greedy wish of mine at PTUM expo.

on 01122012 our 11th month together =)

and we had Papa John's in Tropicana. just because this picture looks super nice haha

Snowy says hi, from Maxis The Gardens.

we went early this morning, at 7am, because Yih Hai wanted to buy iPhone5!!
rawrrr, it felt like TOPSHOP voucher day. lol, dumb, nostalgic thought.
so hi me with the Asian peace sign with the beautiful Christmas tree in Gardens. =D

and they call this. Western Bacon or something like that. MCD really cannot fight, but i still love MCD haha

and MOO COW! =D
it's their birthday!!
happy birthday moo cow!
thank you for existing, thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness into my life
next shop in Kuching? pretty pretty please?
with chocholate chips on top?
thank you!! =D lol

and it's time for me to sleep

Saturday, December 8, 2012

still holding on!!

realization struck me one fine afternoon
and i am now swimming in deep shit. T.T
with my laptop constantly having hangs and threatening to die on me
i really dunno how am i gonna survive until the end of this semester

haih T.T but above all else 
and quality sleep.
all shall wait till tomorrow. lol

Monday, December 3, 2012

the day i realized how addicted i am to internet

or maybe Instagram and Facebook, lol

so again, if you didn't know that, in zhangqijian's house they use broadband
and these are the days when my phone can go like two days, and sometimes more, without charging. haha
anyway one afternoon, we went to this place which i dunno the name, for lunch.
it was one hot afternoon and his cousin and bf wanted to go somewhere with aircon.

the design was quite special, i think the boss likes cycling. XD

lunch was, happily, cake!!! hahaha

i guess that's the boss' collections.
notice a smart phone?
zhangqijian's cousin discovered free wifi lol

their dunno what crepe XD

and our Oreo Crepe =D. yes from the square and filter you know what happened

internet addict started working. haha. and this was roasted almond latte or whatsoever with fancy name

and that was also the day i started playing Phewtick. stuck at RM9++
hen sien de lehhhh!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

mr teoh balik kampung.

heyo happy December, and i'm still blogging about my midsem break. haha
right after a night's rest from Singapore, we left again for zhangqijian's butterworth the next day.
8am bus, how crazy T.T. tired like shit. haha. oh caption, KFC breakfast before boarding =)

this just makes me miss Kuching, or Xiao Ba Wang to be precise. lol.

Dry Kueh Tiao.
i find myself super repetitive ==
 i don't think i will be blogging about Penang food anymore the next time i go.

at least something different, fried tofu which was surprisingly nice
if you didn't know, despite my love for tofu, i never really liked the deep fried type
hence this was like the only exception. haha

Kueh Tiao Soup with LEMON!!
and again i have to repeat myself, if only kuehtiao in Kuching were like this, they would've been my favourite instead of beehoon. hehe.

fish head + yam steamboat. =D.

these are actually fishballs. and also zhangqijian's very precious childhood memory
i uploaded to instagram with the caption Fishballs. #snack #fishball
and he mogok, die die asked me to add in the best ever ever ever childhood memory. lol

code name Ocean Catch. but i shall just call it fish. which was yummy of course haha.

dashuai's carbornara.

and con cozze. he said beats sharing's. i dunno la. hahaha. i still find sharing's mushroom soup the best.

mango pie mango pie =D i love mangoes!!
you know how i've always wanted to take plane view of food but the shadow always spoil it
but.. TADA!!! =DD

and on a mural hunting day, i found this place very cute. =D
just beside the telephone booth.

and also found a pig. ==

yi dian dou bu hao chi de. haha

they absolutely love this belacan chicken
traveled really far for it, but sadly, i find it very oily. lol

ah ini nice. haha. because it has xingfu de egg.

ah still got the murals post =D

side note: guess what, i was so near to meeting Cheesie, Audrey, even Chuckei and Nana in Pavilion. T.T