Monday, December 3, 2012

the day i realized how addicted i am to internet

or maybe Instagram and Facebook, lol

so again, if you didn't know that, in zhangqijian's house they use broadband
and these are the days when my phone can go like two days, and sometimes more, without charging. haha
anyway one afternoon, we went to this place which i dunno the name, for lunch.
it was one hot afternoon and his cousin and bf wanted to go somewhere with aircon.

the design was quite special, i think the boss likes cycling. XD

lunch was, happily, cake!!! hahaha

i guess that's the boss' collections.
notice a smart phone?
zhangqijian's cousin discovered free wifi lol

their dunno what crepe XD

and our Oreo Crepe =D. yes from the square and filter you know what happened

internet addict started working. haha. and this was roasted almond latte or whatsoever with fancy name

and that was also the day i started playing Phewtick. stuck at RM9++
hen sien de lehhhh!!

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