Saturday, December 1, 2012

mr teoh balik kampung.

heyo happy December, and i'm still blogging about my midsem break. haha
right after a night's rest from Singapore, we left again for zhangqijian's butterworth the next day.
8am bus, how crazy T.T. tired like shit. haha. oh caption, KFC breakfast before boarding =)

this just makes me miss Kuching, or Xiao Ba Wang to be precise. lol.

Dry Kueh Tiao.
i find myself super repetitive ==
 i don't think i will be blogging about Penang food anymore the next time i go.

at least something different, fried tofu which was surprisingly nice
if you didn't know, despite my love for tofu, i never really liked the deep fried type
hence this was like the only exception. haha

Kueh Tiao Soup with LEMON!!
and again i have to repeat myself, if only kuehtiao in Kuching were like this, they would've been my favourite instead of beehoon. hehe.

fish head + yam steamboat. =D.

these are actually fishballs. and also zhangqijian's very precious childhood memory
i uploaded to instagram with the caption Fishballs. #snack #fishball
and he mogok, die die asked me to add in the best ever ever ever childhood memory. lol

code name Ocean Catch. but i shall just call it fish. which was yummy of course haha.

dashuai's carbornara.

and con cozze. he said beats sharing's. i dunno la. hahaha. i still find sharing's mushroom soup the best.

mango pie mango pie =D i love mangoes!!
you know how i've always wanted to take plane view of food but the shadow always spoil it
but.. TADA!!! =DD

and on a mural hunting day, i found this place very cute. =D
just beside the telephone booth.

and also found a pig. ==

yi dian dou bu hao chi de. haha

they absolutely love this belacan chicken
traveled really far for it, but sadly, i find it very oily. lol

ah ini nice. haha. because it has xingfu de egg.

ah still got the murals post =D

side note: guess what, i was so near to meeting Cheesie, Audrey, even Chuckei and Nana in Pavilion. T.T

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