Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the fastest dream come true

 Again I have been missing for some time.
now let me tell you a story about dreams come true.
so last Saturday, or was it Sunday? @@.
Zhangqijian and I were shopping in Midvalley. we walked past the Kose event and I was like: how come I never meet any bloggers in these events, how I wish I could meet them!
Mr Teoh: then what are you gonna do?
Me: take photos with them la of course.

and then we entered Topshop. I saw someone sitting on the sofa, and her back itself attracted me already. then I saw a thin, tall girl beside her with gold hair and beanie, I had walked closer and proved my guess, OMGosh I JUST BUMPED INTO CHUCKEI, HER BOYFRIEND AND ASHLEY in Topshop Midvalley. I excitedly told Mr Teoh and I think I was actually hyperventilating, I dunno what happened then. but I just couldn't bring myself to ask for a photo. HAHAHA. then I messaged Huiwen, she was as excited as I was, and let me directly quote her SMS: Hahaha, go go go!! Take photo!! If not ll regret die de T____T.
and so I mustered all my courage, but they were gone. T.T. and I really regret half die. T.T
and how crazy, Huiwen even went stalk their Facebook/ Instagram for me but they didn't check-in anywhere. and hence the chance slipped away because I chickened out. T.T.
see.. dreams do come true. but I never knew they could come true so soon. hahahaha.

ending the post with something sweet because I am kinda cranky at the moment. XD

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


*clears throat* AHEM AHEM
remember me telling how excited and nervous I was for ROF?
saw this post at the event page and I immediately screenshot it and inboxed Huiwen my teammate
and the file name was ohno.jpg because these guys are too strong

I even had a nightmare when it was just the two of us and we hadn't decided on who else to ask to join our team. that night, I dreamt that two of our weakest friends were in our team, and I woke up feeling relieved because it was just a dream. yes, the very classic 幸好只是一场梦 haha.

night before the race.
we were totally prepared with energy bars, bread, 100 plus, water and even panadols. haha

and as the most semangat team, we walked down to gazebo from our college at 6.30am
fyi, the registration starts only at 8am. @@
and this, is our final team.
Ong Yih Hai, Ymoon Leong, Yow Hui Ni and yours sincerely Melody Kho. lol

us appreciating the final friendly moments before we become enemies XD

then it was crazy running moments
let me just briefly show you our route and how we reached there =D
Gazebo KPS -- LRT University station (running) -- Dataran Petaling Jaya (LRT) -- KLCC (LRT) -- Chatime Galleria (running) -- Central Market + Petaling Street (LRT + running + walking) -- LRT University (LRT) -- Dataran Sains UM (bus + running) -- Gazebo KPS (running)
there were moments where we were so tired we felt like dying haha but still we finished the race
and got the 15th out of 33 groups
long story, it was our fault tho, too careless that we wasted so much time at the first station T.T

here are some snippets of the tasks we did, simply because we were asked to take photos XD 
<3 p="" rof="">

back in Gazebo. I think we lost a kg with all that running but got darker because the sun was killing
oh did I mention we also brought sunblock and applied while waiting for LRT hahaha 

the Kolam which we had to complete in Dataran Sains. not bad huh XD

Mr Pengarah Teoh C.
thank you thank you for leading such an awesome project
and my teammates and I shall continue training for next year!

we totally deserved better! but at the same time, we had so much fun!! =D

*P.S: we had no time for the Snickers bought and they melted in my bag. == haahha.

Monday, April 22, 2013

oh hello

I've been missing for quite some time.
and I'm here to announce I failed the one photo one day challenge.
laziness dominated over my determination =/.
shall be back some day. at the meantime, do miss me..
oh and click on the Nuffnang ads XD.
in need of money $$$ because.. well we'll see soon enough =D

Thursday, April 18, 2013

one week back

one week ago I was still enjoying my carefree holiday!
I find curling in the bean bag with a nice book and a cup of milk really relaxing.
A Dog's Purpose is a seriously nice book which unexpectedly caused me to cry lol.

got this pair of purple Puma for the sake of ROF lol
and also the jogging trips to come (hopefully)
had our stamina training (HAHAHA serious gila) -- swimming on Monday, Jogoya break on Tuesday XD, and jogging on Wednesday, Thursday and lastly, SHOPPING on Friday lol.
I cannot wait anymore!! Saturday fast come =D

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


harrow. one photo a day doesn't mean one blog post a day right.
so here are my days 10 and 11. XD
or sleepy to be more accurate. I just can't get myself to stop sleeping whenever I have the time! T.T

and well I cheated because I've taken some photos at home.
I call this the collection of our memories.
I remember collecting stamps, paper bags, boxes, and erasers before, but the urge to continue collecting, especially stamps eventually died out as I grew up.
I'd better go bathe now.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I suck at giving post titles.

hi I'm back here again.
the wifi is as shitty as usual
ahh, life. =(
leaving the warmth of home behind me again.
here I am to face all the crap I swept aside to make way for holiday. T.T

Xiaojiu's baby, Yoyo =D
I witnessed how cute my daddy could be, and I think Yoyo loves daddy also!
she smiled at daddy for a few times =D

my heart really melted and I went awwwww...
BABY TOO CUTE!!! <3 p="">

Saturday, April 13, 2013


hello a very good night. flying off again tomorrow.
the very awkward feeling of packing for home, unpacking at home, and packing again to leave home.
awkwardly not belonging to anywhere, awkwardly belonging to both places at the same time.
somehow I just wish this will end as soon as possible.

Friday, April 12, 2013

if I were paid for all the procrastination I did..

day 7 and I really can't think of something sparkling other than sparkling juice
I don't have diamonds, hence the excessive edits with sparkles.

I told myself I should get started with my literature review for the stupid research
from Monday I dragged on to Wednesday night when I finally decided I should totally start on Thursday
but it's already Friday night and nothing is done.
maybe if i were paid for procrastinating, I might actually be rich enough to shoot diamonds for today instead of sparkling juice in a random mall. lol. okay I just googled the sample of a literature review, shall start something like right now ==.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

day 6

the dress I once loved at first sight and had to persuade my mum to buy, is now my mum's pajamas

so it seems something we care about so much would eventually be so insignificant
because time changes, situation changes, and we change.
so why suffer so much over something which will pass?


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

being home is all about..

unlike some Kuchingites who think that hometown is about kolomee, i prefer laksa
I know I have been saying this for so many times, but here I go again, I LOVE LAKSA lol.

and of course le lovely family and friends la. XD
but as you see, I don't have much friends =( hahahha. 
Laksa date with dearest cousin in Absolute Tribal

oh and the Frog.

ooh heavenly laksa, i think my breakfast before leaving Kuching again will be laksa, again. haha
remind me to bring whichever friend who comes here to try the Absolute's laksa! XD

le me super happy =D

we then went to this ZenQ and had a bowl to share.
my comment: a super fail version of snowflake. lol
the ice melts so fast, and the taroballs, which they call QQ balls just didn't taste nice.
hence, come Kuching eat laksa jiu haole =P

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

it's not even a holiday!

tell me how can this even be a holiday
with assignments and presentations pending
and your mum just called you up to wash prawns T.T
anyway, I had my favourite buttermilk buns for breakfast yesterday.
had them since I was young when mummy worked near this bakery.
some time in the middle Lucky Bun's beat them but they remain the last one standing haha

day 4: twisted
Minced meat mushroom mee cooked by Miss Kero.
noodles memang twisted kan? XD

Monday, April 8, 2013

some silver lining behind clouds

the PKC Drama

After a long 5 months of preparation
all came to an end on March 28th
there were happy moments, some angry and unhappy moments, but most of it unforgettable.

My look for the night.
thank God mine was a character which doesn't require heavy make up. I had enough trouble removing THIS makeup, and I cannot imagine how much makeup remover the other looks must have used up, not to mention the damage done to their faces.

by the way, I have been sleeping so much since I came back home, let's just hope I will look more fresh and younger now after I have paid all my sleeping debt, but I really doubt that.

well, at least almost all of us.
I think we all did our best (I hope I did though haha), too bad the sound system sucked.

Remember how I always wished to be a hairstylist? PKC cultural night sort of realized this dream of mine and I got to do the hair for the theater and even the ushers. To add on, I even did makeup for some of them.

I was quite sad at first because I missed the chance when they were happily taking photos T.T, but when I come to think of it again, I actually had much fun doing whatever I was doing.

I think most girls love doing things that are beauty related, not meh? XD

the romper I got for the drama

actually I was just looking for reasons to shop
and here comes my day 3
it suddenly struck me that I have been really really lazy with myself this semester
for someone who is obsessed over nail colours, the yellow colour on my nails are actually peeling off in the ugliest manner in the world. it's high time I treated myself better!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

they said no one celebrates for them

so it was zhangqijian's 22nd birthday on the 5th
let's just skip the part Oinky, pengyou and I celebrated for him lol.
but 22 years old seems old enough, thank god i am forever 16. =)

ohh wait by the way, WARM BODIES was really nice!!

then it was celebrating for zhangqijian and nyak hong xiansheng
these two always say no one celebrate for them because their birthday always fall during our break
but obviously mr teoh talk shit because as far as i remember he had 3 cakes last year!! lol

somehow we agreed they look like a couple. haha

and this cake from Delectable turned out to be one of the most heavenly cakes i have ever tasted

while back in college after our singk session, mr nyak was opening his gift.
i know this multilayer wrapping method is kinda childish
but he is meant to be trolled and has to be trolled
happy birthday mr troll tan =D
let's just hope that all your unlucky quota is used up in this 21 years of your life haha

 Meanwhile, 2nd day challenge.
i seem to be influenced by my friend who is also on this challenge, will surely fix that
for the meantime, that's my pair of favourite sneakers since Form 3
when Playez was still popular among teenagers.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

snow white must have loved apples

heyy, i had a good night of sleep
yess, the giant metallic bird spread its wings and brought me home
ahh, i'm in love with the beautiful sky
i might just change my favourite colour to blue instead.

i accidentally stumbled onto a whole new challenge
gonna take photos with Instagram but shall post them here
because instagram is too mainstream

let's see what i can do. =)

my day 1. had a big red bite of freshness after breakfast this morning.

question to self: should i then continue with my normal day posts?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

pika pi 一箭双雕

some few days/ the day right after our beach trip, we joined the treasure hunt held by Sprouts 8
we were really semangat, wearing same shirts and it might not be that obvious in the photo, but we drew something on our faces. haha, and that's how our group name came about, Pika Pi, 一箭双雕 was just for the sake of 张启健 ==

ahem, le me was the first to locate the map of the treasure hunt heeheehee

pattern dao si diao used morse code some more lol

and these are our art works, spot my tulip and rafflesia heehee

and guess what we were the champion!!
i had so much fun running up and down haha
and i learnt that i could be quite clever at times lol lol

nah, that's our pika pi face haha

and this sprouts 8 even more pattern
saw this boarding pass after i came back from Dayao last night. XD

i really wanted to share my joy with you but i know i fail at that haha
so anyway, the rush and kesyokan is already there
hence the next challenge is.. jeng jeng