Wednesday, April 24, 2013


*clears throat* AHEM AHEM
remember me telling how excited and nervous I was for ROF?
saw this post at the event page and I immediately screenshot it and inboxed Huiwen my teammate
and the file name was ohno.jpg because these guys are too strong

I even had a nightmare when it was just the two of us and we hadn't decided on who else to ask to join our team. that night, I dreamt that two of our weakest friends were in our team, and I woke up feeling relieved because it was just a dream. yes, the very classic 幸好只是一场梦 haha.

night before the race.
we were totally prepared with energy bars, bread, 100 plus, water and even panadols. haha

and as the most semangat team, we walked down to gazebo from our college at 6.30am
fyi, the registration starts only at 8am. @@
and this, is our final team.
Ong Yih Hai, Ymoon Leong, Yow Hui Ni and yours sincerely Melody Kho. lol

us appreciating the final friendly moments before we become enemies XD

then it was crazy running moments
let me just briefly show you our route and how we reached there =D
Gazebo KPS -- LRT University station (running) -- Dataran Petaling Jaya (LRT) -- KLCC (LRT) -- Chatime Galleria (running) -- Central Market + Petaling Street (LRT + running + walking) -- LRT University (LRT) -- Dataran Sains UM (bus + running) -- Gazebo KPS (running)
there were moments where we were so tired we felt like dying haha but still we finished the race
and got the 15th out of 33 groups
long story, it was our fault tho, too careless that we wasted so much time at the first station T.T

here are some snippets of the tasks we did, simply because we were asked to take photos XD 
<3 p="" rof="">

back in Gazebo. I think we lost a kg with all that running but got darker because the sun was killing
oh did I mention we also brought sunblock and applied while waiting for LRT hahaha 

the Kolam which we had to complete in Dataran Sains. not bad huh XD

Mr Pengarah Teoh C.
thank you thank you for leading such an awesome project
and my teammates and I shall continue training for next year!

we totally deserved better! but at the same time, we had so much fun!! =D

*P.S: we had no time for the Snickers bought and they melted in my bag. == haahha.

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