Monday, April 8, 2013

some silver lining behind clouds

the PKC Drama

After a long 5 months of preparation
all came to an end on March 28th
there were happy moments, some angry and unhappy moments, but most of it unforgettable.

My look for the night.
thank God mine was a character which doesn't require heavy make up. I had enough trouble removing THIS makeup, and I cannot imagine how much makeup remover the other looks must have used up, not to mention the damage done to their faces.

by the way, I have been sleeping so much since I came back home, let's just hope I will look more fresh and younger now after I have paid all my sleeping debt, but I really doubt that.

well, at least almost all of us.
I think we all did our best (I hope I did though haha), too bad the sound system sucked.

Remember how I always wished to be a hairstylist? PKC cultural night sort of realized this dream of mine and I got to do the hair for the theater and even the ushers. To add on, I even did makeup for some of them.

I was quite sad at first because I missed the chance when they were happily taking photos T.T, but when I come to think of it again, I actually had much fun doing whatever I was doing.

I think most girls love doing things that are beauty related, not meh? XD

the romper I got for the drama

actually I was just looking for reasons to shop
and here comes my day 3
it suddenly struck me that I have been really really lazy with myself this semester
for someone who is obsessed over nail colours, the yellow colour on my nails are actually peeling off in the ugliest manner in the world. it's high time I treated myself better!

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