Saturday, July 30, 2011


okay so now i finally realize the new version of blogger is so much more user friendly, fyi i have been using the older version since i started blogging few years ago using blogger, not this blog but never mind it's a long story. now i don't have to always go to the html tab to change the dimensions and that's great!!!

the temporary road tax.
 one last photo of the myvi. thank you, you have been faithful for 5 years and now it's time to say goodbye.
 meet our new car. P is gone!
 even toys also want to sit in new car. xi xin yan jiu de toys! T.T
how fantastic! just after i really start driving after passing my test for such a long time! who dares to drive new cars especially when it is bigger than the one i got used to? T.T i dare not. so mummy and daddy, buhaoyisi you guys have to become drivers again. hahaha.

Friday, July 29, 2011

well because

because i said i was gonna blog today, so here it is.
had sanxiao ABC finally after kenak fly aeroplane by stupid friends few times. hehehe

so we did something very crazy.

ibeho's 紫藤恋

我的黑山老妖 not nice de so very weird it's like peppermint water with xian cao and agar agar and barley T.t richard fong is so gonna pay for cheating me into this!!

second round, finally something normal! ABC!!!

ibeho's still not so normal 雪山飞狐 lol funny funny names.

nah. proudly showing off our craziness. i think the uncle thought we were a bit out of our minds.
should have ordered 伤心太平洋, maybe he'd think we shi lian. hahaha

that day i knew something was very wrong with me, i was hungry the whole day!
even after my breakfast which was Yong Tau Foo i was thinking of having more food!
and i kept on thinking about FOODFOODANDFOOD!!!!
 omg omg omg ><

Thursday, July 28, 2011

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8!

hi i'm back from being lazy. afraid that my photos expire lol.
just wanted to show you my nail polish with the background, i dunno if i mentioned before but that day when ibeho and i counted, i have 33 now. =.=. never knew i was so rich lol.

 hehehe see my background and my lovely nail polishes! actually this was stolen from ibe's blog, and please ignore my lousy ps skills, i only wanted to erase my face from the picture because it was the ultimate spoiler! T.T

so recently we are trying to be very healthy, so this is what we do, we Kinect! i think i posted this photo before @@ omg i am getting repetitive help me someone!!!! T.T

 and that particular day, (this was last week HAHA), we took some photos before becoming all sweaty and messy.
 i like the photo below!
 guess it's not so clear but the thingies on our wrists have the same colours as our nail art.
 eyebags. sexy. hahaha.
 because there was no photographer to take our crazy moment, i custom timer-ed my phone and set it just beside the kinect sensor. i think i just hit the volleyball to our opponents. we were playing against the world champion, call us pro thank you =P.

okay now i'm not so outdated, these were taken yesterday.
started off with the kinect adventures, but found out that we were so tired, so we resorted to dance central.

that's ibeho dancing to Poker Face easy.
 freestyle time.
 i honestly think kinect is a nice form of exercise.
simply because we get to do almost the real exercise without meeting the sun haha.
and we don't face the risk of getting hit by balls, but beware of your friend's hand and any obstacles nearby. lol.
yes it's really time to do something more meaningful and healthier before the bones get rusted and crispy. luckily i have a teman =DDD. hahaha. bye bye. i think i'll blog tomorrow. yes i will. ahh i must. hmm yes i have to lol. till then bai bai. haha.

ooh, dui le, meilin mama, kao shi jia you oh =)).

Monday, July 25, 2011


i still need to praise myself for being so hardworking recently, it’s like i post almost everyday, except that some of them are pretty useless. but again like i said many times, it’s my blog, my property, my ground, my territory, it’s all about me, so guess you can’t say i’m wrong here. thank you. =D.


actually we were supposed to renew our ics in the morning, dad mum and sis to change the address, yea i know, we moved here 3 years back but the address is the one in grandma’s shop which was rented out. back here, so i dug my wardrobe for some collared shirt. ugh my face =(, but then the place was not open, stupid kiaws. breakfast in sanshengfotang again. mummy’s mee jawa, took the photo simply because it is something we never had before.

then we went shopping in the spring again. bought some this and that for me when in kl.

and at 5.30pm, i finally got to watch HP7!!


i did enjoy the movie but it seems many were bored and tired. aaron said that part one was much better but personally i like part two. harry potter is like my childhood friend and we grow up together, and of course, Daniel Radcliffe was so much cuter when he was young, Emma Watson just gets prettier and prettier omg i think i am falling in love with her, as for Rupert Grint, i never paid much attention to him i guess. but T.T i did cry in the storybook and in HP7I when Dobby died. that was so cruel of J.K Rowling to kill him! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! but, everything finally ends. no more harry potter for me to wait for, i felt kinda empty, but also happy, like i said, a childhood friend growing up. haha. harry’s son is beyond adorable, i’m in love! and snape’s story, i was like, aww~ how sad to see how deep his love for Lily was, so deep that he was willing to go to Voldemort as the spy, just to protect her. wo zhen de hen sad T.T. hao le. goodbye harry, goodbye hermione, goodbye ron, bye everyone in the HP series, bye dobby!

right after the movie, ibe and i went to open air to meet with JKY, Richard, Olin, and Ah Liang. it was supposed to be Ah Liang’s farewell because he is gonna leave for KL on the 28th, and we were supposed to meet them at 7.30pm but when we reached, it was 8.04pm. haha. girls like to keep people waiting i guess that’s kinda true.


then at 8.45pm we went to Star Cineplex for Mr.Poppers penguins. i wonder how they survive with so little customers. there were only 10 in the hall can you imagine! guess it’s glory time has passed, if you still remember how crowded it was before, during holidays or CNY. it was near to impossible to get tickets during those peak seasons. and now, small cat two three lol forgive my direct translation.

took that TINTIN photo with a story behind it. so if the guy is TINTIN, the dog is POPO we assumed. end of story, if u get it, good, and if you didn’t , just forget it thankiuk =P


just wanted to show how empty it was. see those guys treat the cinema like their own home, (actually me also hehehe) and richard wore the sweater because the seats were dirty he claimed. yes i agree they are dirty but it just brings me back to the times when we were all so close and watched movies together always, maybe it brings something different to them, but i’m glad i met them. as for those who bo xim de, i so sad lo T.T.

didi, all the best in KL, wo men you yuan yi ding hui jian dao de. jiayou jiayou! i know you wouldn’t see this but my full full de xin yi, you can feel de! =D. 4 years later, yi qi chu lai zuo gong ba hehehe, my eyes next time jiu kao ni le yo!

ok, i’ll stop for now. and for the photos which ibeho xiao jie wait for me to post, wait me xin xue lai chao to blog again i will de. hehehe. goodnight people. =). appreciate what we have, that’s what i learned from mr. popper today.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

short story

guess what are these?
answer revealed, they're Pisang Kueh. hehe
gonna tell you a story related to the kueh pisang.

没想到,回家的时候 看到桌上 有一整包的香蕉kueh!!!
小孩当下感动死了 T。T


Thursday, July 21, 2011

i do care about the backgrounds.


Hello again! =). introducing you the latest project which i just finished an hour ago! it was one hot and sticky afternoon when i had nothing to do but to stare at the laptop screen that i decided to make a portable backdrop for my own convenience. it was mainly because i can’t seem to find nice backgrounds to take pictures of my small items i bought like my nail polish and so on, they were mostly taken with my polka dot bag behind. so i rushed upstairs and dug out the materials i had. two pieces of drawing block’s board, a whole stack of useless PA notes, glue, cello tape, scissors, colouring materials (watercolour, nail polish, useless cosmetic). first, i stuck the two pieces of board together, then i laid the surface with layers of papers first, until i got the second picture. then it was painting time! i finished the red one with the hearts, then was about to stop, but something in me felt like making full use of the board, hence, today, i finished the blue part. now i can have nice nice background! happy =D. and the red side was being put to use already, by ibeho xiao jie. i dunno when will she upload it tho, but when she does, i’ll show you, if i haven’t use it for myself. cute or not! hehehe. that’s all for now. no kaki watch harry potter with me T.T

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


had a well spent day! =DD.

DSC03900early morning swim! okay not so early, 8.22am. haha. am darker again omg T.T.

guess i have to say hi to tanned skin. omg omg this is totally. unacceptable! ngo jip sao mm dou!

DSC03901Kinected after brunch. it feels good to sweat and exercise! roarrr!
i feel so healthy now. and if i haven;t already washed my hair for the second time today, i might even consider cycling hahaha.

must watch both versions! especially the parody!

i laughed so hard and i watched it for like 5 times in two days. T.T

‘too bad i won’t get back with someone who buys his makeup at Walmart’
’you know i have sensitive skin i bought this shit at Target’’
’this is hypoallergenic!’

’don’t try to stop him, he’s pissed off at his sis’
’i don’t give a f, that’s my room’

omg must watch T.T why do i find it so funny i cant stop laughing even now. T.T

and this! c-c-carbohydrates is the tool of Lucifer T.T.
zhen de hen hao xiao =(((((( hahahhahahahahahhhah

Monday, July 18, 2011

check list.

a few things i have to do before going off to study. still long i know, but there is so much!! =S.

new phone (soon! hehehe)
rescue my face
fill in the whole stack of troublesome forms
read through all the stupid documents
shop for BAJU KURUNG and other clothes accepted for local U
go for a full medical check-up including the X-ray
go for movies!
have fun!
get as much information i can about the university. (heard that the orientation week will be terrible, two people i know cried because of the shock T.T)

actually the list goes on and on but right now, that’s all i can think about.

went for haircut yesterday.


i told her, cut off one inch
i don’t want too many layers because i wanna keep it long
but not so thick.
and this is what i got.


not clear enough?


NAH!!! so short liao T.TDSC03863

i know i always complain after i get a hair cut.
but this time, i’m actually quite okay with it
except, it’s just a bit too short T.T
hopefully by cny it will be long enough!
will be very hardworking, washing it everyday. haha
till then, bye my hair!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

i love roller coasters!

life is getting a little bit too boring. i want some excitement!
would you wanna try? hehe.
i'm not a very adventurous person, nor am i very brave and no i don't think i have a strong heart.
but i can't resist roller coasters!!!!
they attract me like magnets. @@.
it's just so exciting, and thrilling!!!
you don't agree meh!!
see! chocolate waffle wei! haha.

well this is actually a crap post.
thanks for wasting 1 minute of your precious time.
goodnight ^^ lol

Friday, July 15, 2011

i’m in i’m in!

i know it’s all over the

yes! i am accepted!
the wait was excruciating.
guess it’s best to not expect anything
was afraid to get disappointed so i did not have anything special in mind.
but praise the Lord! it’s my first choice!
thanks for the congrats my friends. love you all so much. =D
thanks ibeho who helped me check because i wasn’t home yet. thanks for shouting like crazy until the Malay girl beside me looked at me with weird expression haha.
thanks to my family we were so happy for me when i was still unable to react.
thanks for meilin mama who msg me all the way from sg! haha
thank you thank you everyone!

so with 3.08 cgpa, i still managed to get into UM!
this time i got to pinch myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

i know it’s not by my strength
no, i did not do this on my own.
so finally, thank you Jesus.
and now it’s time to start preparing!

my word of the day: WAH!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


tied my hair up into a bun for a day. and got this at the end of the day.
i like this smile of mine. although it's kinda obvious my eyes are like O.o.

RM0.00: UPU: Semak keputusan ke IPTA (Ijazah Pertama) mulai 12.00 tgh 15/7/2011 di @ taip UPU RESULT [No KP] dan SMS ke 15888.

and for sure it's gonna be jammed and laggy again.
stupid. stupid!!!!! PLAIN STUPID! T.T.

my effort to CHANGE!
after doing my mask, i soaked the hanky in boiled water then let it cool down before placing on my face. WHY?
to open up my pores!!
omg this self ask self answer is getting kinda fun i can do this the whole post, try me T.T #foreveralone omg.

well. back to the answer. FOR REMOVING BLACK HEADS!
and so i spent 15 minutes squeezing my face.
and another question popped out!
then i thought i was being quite funny.
and i laughed again to myself T.T omgomgomg.

forgive my craziness.

remember the wall stickers i mentioned yesterday?
mum and i did project number one! CUTE RIGHT?
I KNOW!!!!! Thank you! =DDD.

fyi. because the readers of my blog do not tweet. i think i have to do some explanation so that you don't feel that lost when seeing all my weird weird expressions like @lodeemomo #foreveralone and so on and so forth. maybe you understand a bit. but well, nevermind. haha. so the @ obviously is like in facebook tagging someone. and my twitter account is @lodeemomo so i guess it explains all. and # should be something new because we don't see it nor use it in facebook. it's like a word they give you, or sometime, a trend. then you can tweet with it inside whatever you write. for example now #ifihadanickeleverytime then you can tweet like this: I would be filthy rich #ifihadanickeleverytime i say i am fat. i think you're clever enough to roughly get the picture.

why did i get through all the trouble to explain that?
because it is related to the next thing i am gonna share ma haha.

there was this trend yesterday or the day before, i forgot. but it goes like this.
i saw @ah_kit (richard fong) tweeting #improvefilmtitlesbyaddinginmypants Lord of the Rings in my pants. @@.
so i thought of a few.
like. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II in my pants.
Monte Carlo in my pants.
Breaking Dawn in my pants.
Transformers III Dark of the Moon in my pants.
The Priest .... err. i wouldn't continue.
it just gets more and more wrong haha.
but that's at least something to do when you feel bored right?
lol. so i guess i need not worry about using up all my photos.
because life is forever moving on at it's own pace
and i'm following behind.
sometimes slow, sometimes fast
at times far behind, at times right beside.
but it doesn't change anything.
i'm still me. =).
just wanted to say i love you all! =DD.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

just had to update.

it’s Wednesday already omg i feel so unproductive. it’s like the middle of a week already but i have no inkling how i spent my hours. if i got money for all the time i wasted playing facebook games or reading other people’s tweets or all the things done in front of this stupid laptop, i could probably go for a shopping spree now or maybe even get a camera which i waited for so long but never came.

lol, so it seems the most productive thing i did this week is. well, changed my blog layout again. was a bit tired of all the pinkish things. maybe i’m finally growing up. or maybe i just need a change. lol.

i might as well show off the things i achieved/ did the past two weeks but never got to blog about since i’m so free now or else they might just get flooded by new photos and get forgotten.

Xiao Jiu Mu taught me to make 可丽饼 i dunno how to call it in English. let’s just name it Cory Nugget wtf haha so not creative, but still, it’s my freedom wad T.T
so basically, all you need are:

Potatoes (steamed and mashed)
Carrot, Celery, Mushroom (all diced into small cubes)
Minced meat


fry the mince meat, i use butter because i think it smells nicer and my house got lotsa leftover butter from CNY T.T mum bought too much for the cookies lol. then add in the carrot, celery and mushroom. when done frying, mix into the mashed potatoes #refer pic1, then shape into patties. #refer pic2. after that, you can fry them liao. #pic3. use butter also. you can deep fry too, but in this case you’ll need breadcrumbs etc. which is a bit troublesome and not so healthy, i think la haha. and the quantity wasn’t mentioned because it was all done by estimation >.<. BUT NICE BO =P! and pretty easy, can try yo! ^_^

roster 1Sushi

Q3 roster. i think i’m getting lazier. from the first try, to the second one, to this one, i think it’s pretty obvious that life got much easier for me. err. haha. but, cannot say like that de ma right? Q4 de i am drawing by hand again la XD, and it’s in the progress lo hehehehe. sushi made in lg. waiting for Mr. Joel Voon to upload the photos but i think it’ll take 5 years maybe lol so i give up T_T.

Nature Republic

bought these nail colours from Nature Republic. promotion is on again ma t.t. and that purple colour is really tempting! i promised myself no more NO MORE absolutely NO MORE new colours. (until further notice). my box is full also anyway. control. i think i’ve spent too much on nail colours. ZHEN DE XU YAO FAN XING FAN XING LIAO T.T. so, in order not to waste, guess what, i’m changing my colour every few days @@.

StickersCute Pegs

dad and mum bought these wall stickers and cute cartoon pegs from 20sen. it was having closing down sales since May and it is still on. i wonder how long will it take for it to totally close down. have you ever seen a picture i think on facebook about a shop having closing sales which lasted for like one year i think. i don’t remember, but it was quite funny, and this 20sen somehow reminds me of it. lol


stupid mirror with stupid stickers. people would think i have a 5 year old sister at home T.T.
and. challenging the super kao eye makeup again. this time not as disastrous as the last time, i’m lazy to look back for it, hard to track, and i guess if you’ve seen it before you wouldn’t wanna relive the nightmare again, well i wouldn’t want anyway, so i’ll spare your eyes for the moment. haha. but still, why me no double eyelid? sien T.T.

realize that my entries recently always have photos all stuck together, especially my hair post which was a bit too much in my humble opinion haha. well that’s because i’m using Windows Life Writer to blog instead of directly from Blogger. i find it so much nicer because i can adjust the image size and so on so much easier. and it still got this upper case lower case feature. lol fun right hahaha.

and well, i think it’s high time i really get serious with the diet thingy.
and i regret for not using sunblock the second day in Lundu liao T.T.
at first i was thinking aiyo come seaside must tan a bit de ma. so on the second day i gave up my fight with the Sun but instead, tried making friends with it. now we become such close friends i regret liao. T.T. it took me how long to be fair again, and so hiao haven’t fair enough jiu go challenge Mr. Sun! grrrrr!!!!!!!! T.T.

k. now i used up all my photos. what’s next? =O!