Thursday, March 31, 2011

qin ai de men XD

i am so the happy nao!
because my lovers are on blogger nao! hahaha
you know how lonely it feels to be the only one blogging always?
=((( LOL k la not so lonely but since they on lw, really got very song de gan jue ma!!

my lovely meilin mama =D
and my qin ai de ibeho =D
qin ai de liang ge gemini.
wo ai ni men =).
and btw, i downloaded skype and that ooVoo liao!!
fast go dl! hahahaha
then we can siao again! ohohooh

btw today something funny happened again wah my life so full of fun @@
a girl accidentally poked her pencil lead into her finger
i tried helping to squeeze it out.
i even use the protractor sharp end poke her skin == lol
and next a boy got his back sprained
actually i got a bit bad cz i tot who ask you dowan sit guai guai listen me teach
who ask you wan go play
but still i helped him massage and asked him to stretch.
and a sigina asked me

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

kenak kapal terbang!

Dear all, yesterday
i kenak aeroplane by these kids!
tai guo fen le!
i climbed two staircase
carrying that stack of heavy books
ola not so heavy la =( hahaha
and went into the class and found them all GONE!
then i nothing to do
so took photo hahahhaha.
rotan wei!
but you think i dare to hit them?
i so full of love de how will? hahahahah
whatever then i found out they went to the dewan for sex education talk weh!
hahahha and the speaker said if someone wants to rape you
put your fingers into your throat and vomit all over yourself
if not pee and shit

btw mum always didn't understand why people always thought that she was a teacher
but now i know.
i have limited clothes that are suitable for a teacher
and so i loaned lots for mum
at least they look more sensible
and guess what today is only my 8th day at work
i saw 3 teachers having the same clothes as my mum edi!
@@ see me. gelik hahhaha.
actually being teacher is good
because of the very short hours
half day nia bo!
haha and trains my voice? O.O LOL
one student actually told me my voice got louder liao
bai tuo, i shout dao i can feel blood in my throat u think leh?!!! hahaha
but one thing
cannot paint my nails again! sien die!
but i still beh gan guan, paint toe nails lo hahahha
then yesterday my student played with the ball with sth like paint inside.
it broke and sprayed on the floor, and it was yellowish green
he looked at my toes and said
and i couldn't stop laughing T.T

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


on sunday
dad and mum went to have their massage again
and since we had nothing to do
they threw us in green gallery.
face more and more thick =P
thick enuf leh?
actually there got no one around la LOL
action action smell plastic like they are real flowers aneh.
see at least i not so action i arrange flowers nia LOL
so this got a bit la. if got such big apple in real
maybe can have it for lunch XD
then we went opposite to 100yen shop XD
yummy dessert after shopping inside.
very nice duno how to describe ah T.T
but it's kiwi flavour hehehe
btw this is what we bought inside.
know what it is for?
to make fan tuan!!
hehehhe next time can make ai xin bian dang liao hohoho
and bought this bag to put my makeup.
cute =DD
and another yummy yummy
strawberry snow ice!!!
it's not like the ang tao peng lidat de wor.
it's just yummy T.T
i wan again haha
just thought they looked nice XD.
although plastic haha
hehehe green gallery nice to take photos! =X
that time someone was looking and i acted like it was nothing
fanzheng she oso duno me ma! ahhaahhaha
duno wan write what le.
btw i got some info wrong!
Aso kun did not marry her.
tonight will be the last episode.
knt wait for 11pm T.T

Saturday, March 26, 2011


this is a rojak post.
with some old stuffs and new stuff.
so i must admit most of my posts are like this anyway hahaha.

last week, when i was still working in Medical Supplies
mum saw this in the newspaper!
2 free big breakfast with a purchase of at least RM5
wow! we were like ZHAP DOU ahh! then so happy lo.
but we forgot that everyone oso got newspaper
and MCD is irresistable T.T
this was 7.20am.
i was standing OUTSIDE the door!!!!
if not for that ahpek in front you could've seen more clearly how LONG the queue was!
the set we bought. after waiting for 45 minutes. @@
and finally the 2 big breakfast.
and it was already 8.30am
and i had to gobble up and rush to work.
seriously not xingfu at all T.T
back to the present. haha.
this is what i have to do everyday.
heyy my chinese words still not bad lehh! hahahha
bopian if not people will think that i am a doctor ma =((
it's okay if you don't get me hahaha I SONG JIU HAO T.T
and i'm the teacher in charge of art club.
the students said their teacher said will bring them around the school to draw trees
but i was lazy to walk around and i din wanna get dark NO I DOWAN LOOK LAKIA HAHA
so i asked them to just imagine HAHAHA ji mo kuan de T.T
and i was so bored
so these came out XD
i wan this tree lo! @@
but i'm not pet bo
and even pet society dunhave this tree
nbm i'll write them a suggestion letter HAHA!
last night after belly dancing.
i dunno why but i'm very happy! hahaha
going back to smile and talk with the walls HAHA

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



actually i dunno why am i using chinese to blog this
suddenly i seem so stuck hahhaha.
ahhh. this show is really nice.
i've quitted japanese dramas for long
but this is really..
duh T.T.
ohh and it's based on a true story. T.T
amen =)

Monday, March 21, 2011

from China back to Malaysia!

one thing i like about China apart from the very cheap clothes...
THIS LA! hahahahhahah!
see paint this nail only need 20RMB which means RM10 nia T.T
u try go any shops in Kuching and ask T.T
SO MANY i wish they were mine T.T
give me hao ma?
my birthday wish for this year
to all readers
u know what i mean la hor? my birthday is october the 6th oops isit too obvious hahaha
LOL NOLA XD its tomorrow @@
so initially i wanted the one on top
but due to time constraint and my poor daddy who was sitting outside waiting
i only got this T.T
very sad de shuo
but i very action and very beh gan guan
so when i came back
i drew for myself!
although it isn't as nice as theirs
at least got the shape ma hehehehe
but guess what! the next day i had to remove it walao eh sien T.T
cz i had to see 6 small de principal
ahh being a teacher is holy shit. T.T

forget about that first. let me continue hehehe.
yesterday sis and I went shopping in tHe Spring.
in FOS. you know how it feels to have to thicken your face and take photo when you know very well that someone else is looking at you?
ya tats what we did HAHAHA.
and obviously we are getting better and better at it!
after being to every shop in the spring
hahaha ok la. only 5 hahahhaha.
we got hungry
hahahha ok la. not hungry. hhahhhhha
we decided we wanted to get some
nah u see this frog.
beh hu beh hu want eat liao T.t
see her eyes sparkling like what?
ohh like crystal hahaha
*bling* got sound effect kok!
me also.
but i keke i dowan eat lidat.
wah but actually i was shouting ALIEN ALIEN ALIEN! ahhahahaha
see my hand wan open liao LOL
*drooling again*
if eating rice and donuts can make us fat to the same extent
i dun mind having donut everyday hehehe. =D
then on the way home.
we had.
know wat?
SUNNY HILL ICE CREAM ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
fat la fat la i dun mind hehe haha hoho hu!
nah... what we got!
so actually the tujuan we went to the spring was to buy singlets.
on friday night we went to catch Big Mama but there were no seats T.T
hence ibe froggie and lodee decided to walk around
and we were searching for singlets
i mean froggie and lodee
and found these in FOS! we first bought the purple and the grey ones
wanted more but din bring enough money (although only rm19 for two CHEAP HO!)
therefore hehehe we bought white and green this time
something funny is i look the same in S M and L ==.
and and and hor guess what!
in MNG for the same type of singlet and without the MNG wordings
it is rm19 for one. hehehehe. zhap dou LOL.
nail paint from nature republic!
RM5.9 for one. but buy 2 get 1 free!!!!
i so happy ahh!
was looking for this yellow for long T.T
and this is what i got from China.
4RMB nia!!!
so now my box is getting fuller and fuller.
soon i'll need racks liao ! hahahaahhaahha
hehehe see i today so got mood hor. LOL
and B Y E B Y E XD

btw my front hair so long and ugly but i dowan cut if not i'll have the same hairstyle as that frog T.t

Saturday, March 19, 2011

10 + 10

hello hello update with my life! XD
so i'm officially a teacher this coming Monday.
and it's shameful but i must admit that i haven't really touched the books they gave me
T.T and i got totally no idea of WHAT I SHOULD DO HOW TO TEACH
come on, primary 3 is like 10 years ago to me T.T
mum said just ten years nia ma.
but how many ten years we got?
i'm going into my second ==
when i was young i used to think how would it be to be 18
cz it was like so cool being 18 and grown up and so on
and now that i am pass 18
i realize 18 is nothing
in fact, it was a childish and terrible year to me.
and actually i dunno why in the world am i writing these crap
maybe the things happening recently just got me down
ahh i hate taiwan news. T.T

this photo got nothing to do with the craps on top.
i just found it.
so upload. HAHA ==

Thursday, March 17, 2011


here's another prove of China's good English. =D.
and take note, this is just outside another tourist attraction. @@
in Merryland, a theme park which obviously is trying to use Disneyland's idea
but have no toy or character of their own haha.
very fun even if it was playing with old people T.t
sometimes it's very sien being the youngest one
cz no one teman you siao T.T
so i played with ugly statues == t.t
then daddy decided to be young as well haha.
i wan to grow taller!!
just because the door looked nice XD
trying desperately to take jumping photos
but in vain T.T
they said the mountains behind us appeared in 20RMB note.
kek very brave stand on the deck of the boat to take photos.
but actually cold dao need use hood liao. T.T
these are my mum's aunties and cousins HAHA
but after climbing a mountain
i started to feel hot. HAHA

very sorry to say that i am lazy already so actually this will be my maybe last or second last post about Guilin haha. and hence my pictures are all jumbled up and i am lazy to organize and edit. T.T

i like hotel lighting. =D
velcro curler my best friend. used it while sleeping in bus for 3 hours.
then woke up with nice nice fringe
which lasted for like
15 minutes @@
hahaha.. all money with me!
nola. T.T daddy..
so i was wrong when i thought i would rot in Guilin. XD
cant resist mirrors. hehe
look at my cacated hair which got worse there. T.T
and obviously i did not sleep well T.T
if got edit this sure nice T.T
tried take some more matured photos.
but fa xian
wo hai shi bi jiao xi huan act cute T.T
sang k with cousin and aunty.
nvren ktv hahaha.
only 10RMB nia lo! which means rm5!
we could sing from 9 to 12 if we wanted to
so cheap!!!!!!!!
KBOX ahh! learn from people can ma?
i hope i'll find the blogging mood again soon XD