Saturday, March 19, 2011

10 + 10

hello hello update with my life! XD
so i'm officially a teacher this coming Monday.
and it's shameful but i must admit that i haven't really touched the books they gave me
T.T and i got totally no idea of WHAT I SHOULD DO HOW TO TEACH
come on, primary 3 is like 10 years ago to me T.T
mum said just ten years nia ma.
but how many ten years we got?
i'm going into my second ==
when i was young i used to think how would it be to be 18
cz it was like so cool being 18 and grown up and so on
and now that i am pass 18
i realize 18 is nothing
in fact, it was a childish and terrible year to me.
and actually i dunno why in the world am i writing these crap
maybe the things happening recently just got me down
ahh i hate taiwan news. T.T

this photo got nothing to do with the craps on top.
i just found it.
so upload. HAHA ==

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