Thursday, March 31, 2011

qin ai de men XD

i am so the happy nao!
because my lovers are on blogger nao! hahaha
you know how lonely it feels to be the only one blogging always?
=((( LOL k la not so lonely but since they on lw, really got very song de gan jue ma!!

my lovely meilin mama =D
and my qin ai de ibeho =D
qin ai de liang ge gemini.
wo ai ni men =).
and btw, i downloaded skype and that ooVoo liao!!
fast go dl! hahahaha
then we can siao again! ohohooh

btw today something funny happened again wah my life so full of fun @@
a girl accidentally poked her pencil lead into her finger
i tried helping to squeeze it out.
i even use the protractor sharp end poke her skin == lol
and next a boy got his back sprained
actually i got a bit bad cz i tot who ask you dowan sit guai guai listen me teach
who ask you wan go play
but still i helped him massage and asked him to stretch.
and a sigina asked me

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