Monday, March 7, 2011

what can you do when you have one day in midvalley

the day before taking off for Guilin, we were staying in KL for one day.
decided to bring this pair of shoes for the trip.
after breakfast that really HOT morning, ahh my breakfast is this nasi pattaya.
so the adults decided to go to the relatives house, my mum's aunties.. @@
and they were staying there for the whole freaking day.
i was like OMG this can't be true. i'm so gonna die of boredom!!!
and my cousin was going out with her bf, oh shit again.
hence i decided to find a lifesaver. and contacted Jireh, asking him if he was free but he never replied, T.T
just as i was about to give up hope and tag along with the adults, Jireh replied, saying he was going to midvalley. and lucky enough cousin was going there too!!!!
so i happily tumpanged their car, be bulb yi xia oso gan yuan haha!
so we finally reached the destination after driving past the carpark and the jam.
it was only my 2nd time in midvalley so i was kinda lost T.T kelian de xiao hai but whatever
i finally met my superhero of the day haha.

domo domo! there was a big big domokun i wanted to take photo with it but so paiseh T.T
we walked around for a bit then decided to have lunch.
with his sister, brother, brother's gf, angie and another friend.
at Nando's.
the menu.
Jireh very haolian cz he said this very natural.
i like it because i look thin hahaha.
the chicken was said to be very nice.
but i couldn't finish T.T
and the apple sparkling juice.
it was really quite nice de la bahaha
well angie sort of shrieked when she saw me LOL.
so the whole day we went to many many MANY MANY MANYYY shops.
we looked at:
electrical appliances
you name it, we saw it.
we even went to the wedding expo LOL it was so full and the workers there were so scary
from afar we saw them spot us and running to us, trying to show us wedding photographs and packages. i guess we looked really scared cz they asked if we were getting married HAHA. and we said no, then they rushed away again, targeting for the next set of kesian ppl.
i actually learned alot that day!
about automatic watches, i never knew watches could work without battery haha.
thanks Cikgu Chong. XD

then we were really exhausted so we sat down.
cikgu chong chia me icecream ahahahahhah!
my tiramisu ice cream
and his italian cookie icecream sth lidat XD
then hor in robinsons sth like parkson
we tried acting we were Koreans, know how?
talk gibberish with alot of yo yo yo
mumble very very softly so that people don't catch what we say HAHAHA
but it was too funny i had to laugh and he ended up speaking cantonese and me japanese. @@
could've pulled it off if i were skinnier cz we got small eyes ma hahhhahhaha.
and time flies T.T at 6 he had to leave for movies
so i waited in MPH for cousin cz she left to Ikea. so paiseh they had to come back for me. T.T
read sophie kinsella's new book.
no longer writing as rebecca bloomwood.
but i forgot the name haha.
but i googled it, it's The Wedding Girl HAHA

anyway, thanks so much Uncle Jireh =P for making my day.
happy birthday!
and goodluck with your perfume. HEHE!
and remember KIU MO! LOL

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