Tuesday, March 29, 2011


on sunday
dad and mum went to have their massage again
and since we had nothing to do
they threw us in green gallery.
face more and more thick =P
thick enuf leh?
actually there got no one around la LOL
action action smell plastic like they are real flowers aneh.
see at least i not so action i arrange flowers nia LOL
so this got a bit la. if got such big apple in real
maybe can have it for lunch XD
then we went opposite to 100yen shop XD
yummy dessert after shopping inside.
very nice duno how to describe ah T.T
but it's kiwi flavour hehehe
btw this is what we bought inside.
know what it is for?
to make fan tuan!!
hehehhe next time can make ai xin bian dang liao hohoho
and bought this bag to put my makeup.
cute =DD
and another yummy yummy
strawberry snow ice!!!
it's not like the ang tao peng lidat de wor.
it's just yummy T.T
i wan again haha
just thought they looked nice XD.
although plastic haha
hehehe green gallery nice to take photos! =X
that time someone was looking and i acted like it was nothing
fanzheng she oso duno me ma! ahhaahhaha
duno wan write what le.
btw i got some info wrong!
Aso kun did not marry her.
tonight will be the last episode.
knt wait for 11pm T.T

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