Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A few things i learned.

in China. many things are possible!

  1. Tourist guide can scold people! yes this happened to us because we didn’t buy anything in the shops he brought us to. HAHA. and he freaking scolded us. T.T. feel so innocent. haha i should’ve taken a photo or even a video T.T but i was too lazy plus my hands were almost frozen.
  2. Ah Beng and Ah Lian is a culture so widespread that we even see their followers in China. en en, i mean those guys with long golden hair covering their face and girls with oily blond hair which look rotten. and of course with very very strange clothings on them. again i didn’t take any photos just in case… they think… they’re so cool i wanna take photos. haha
  3. Good looking guys are really everywhere. But WHY do they have to act gayish? haha. no photos so that you wouldn’t puke. XD
  4. Toilet with no doors still exist! you wouldn’t be able to believe it until you see it. MY GOSH. strictly no photo if not you’ll probably kill me T.T
  5. China people are really really good actors and cunning. sometimes it’s right to not trust rather than get cheated. *mangsa here. T.T*
  6. avoid travelling with someone you don’t initially like. because it makes u unhappy and you’ll probably end up disliking them more and more haha.
  7. being too cold might cause bruises to form. if not HOW TO EXPLAIN MY BRUISES WHICH CAME OUT FROM NOWHERE!!
  8. direct translated english can still be seen. even in their hotel rooms and tourist attractions. ==
    read especially the right photo if you can. XD.
  9. they have funny funny names for shops and roads.
    lin zhi ling got her own road!
    other funny names are like 杏林春药房,永久修理厂,又来米粉,车来车往,爱手爱脚 还有很多很多很好笑的名字!
  10. never ever use hotel hair shampoo again. unless you want to feel and even hear the static in your hair. unless you want your hair which never got tangled since primary school to be tangled again. ==.

    guess i’ll stop here today. more to go though! XD. goodnite =)

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