Friday, March 4, 2011

wo hen sad ah.

well since i told you i was pre-blogging
then let me tell you now!
now i mean now 26/02/2011 and right now 04/03/2011
i am very very sad!
because Jay Chou is now at Bukit Jalil International Stadium
having his concert!
you know?
if i were to go to a concert
where i pay alot like all the other stupids
it'll definitely be Jay.
because at least we know he isn't lip-syncing
you know la, he never remembers the lyrics. haha
not because of that la. come on.
i'm his fan T.T
i grabbed these tickets from Google! i mean google image == haha T.T
if they were mine. T.T
Jay Chou ar Jay Chou.
you must come to Malaysia again oh. T.T
kuching can o not? T.T

okay if i wanna share all the songs i love
the post will be 5 pages. T.T.
but i stil wana haolian.
i can rap this! and more. wahahha

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