Monday, March 21, 2011

from China back to Malaysia!

one thing i like about China apart from the very cheap clothes...
THIS LA! hahahahhahah!
see paint this nail only need 20RMB which means RM10 nia T.T
u try go any shops in Kuching and ask T.T
SO MANY i wish they were mine T.T
give me hao ma?
my birthday wish for this year
to all readers
u know what i mean la hor? my birthday is october the 6th oops isit too obvious hahaha
LOL NOLA XD its tomorrow @@
so initially i wanted the one on top
but due to time constraint and my poor daddy who was sitting outside waiting
i only got this T.T
very sad de shuo
but i very action and very beh gan guan
so when i came back
i drew for myself!
although it isn't as nice as theirs
at least got the shape ma hehehehe
but guess what! the next day i had to remove it walao eh sien T.T
cz i had to see 6 small de principal
ahh being a teacher is holy shit. T.T

forget about that first. let me continue hehehe.
yesterday sis and I went shopping in tHe Spring.
in FOS. you know how it feels to have to thicken your face and take photo when you know very well that someone else is looking at you?
ya tats what we did HAHAHA.
and obviously we are getting better and better at it!
after being to every shop in the spring
hahaha ok la. only 5 hahahhaha.
we got hungry
hahahha ok la. not hungry. hhahhhhha
we decided we wanted to get some
nah u see this frog.
beh hu beh hu want eat liao T.t
see her eyes sparkling like what?
ohh like crystal hahaha
*bling* got sound effect kok!
me also.
but i keke i dowan eat lidat.
wah but actually i was shouting ALIEN ALIEN ALIEN! ahhahahaha
see my hand wan open liao LOL
*drooling again*
if eating rice and donuts can make us fat to the same extent
i dun mind having donut everyday hehehe. =D
then on the way home.
we had.
know wat?
SUNNY HILL ICE CREAM ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
fat la fat la i dun mind hehe haha hoho hu!
nah... what we got!
so actually the tujuan we went to the spring was to buy singlets.
on friday night we went to catch Big Mama but there were no seats T.T
hence ibe froggie and lodee decided to walk around
and we were searching for singlets
i mean froggie and lodee
and found these in FOS! we first bought the purple and the grey ones
wanted more but din bring enough money (although only rm19 for two CHEAP HO!)
therefore hehehe we bought white and green this time
something funny is i look the same in S M and L ==.
and and and hor guess what!
in MNG for the same type of singlet and without the MNG wordings
it is rm19 for one. hehehehe. zhap dou LOL.
nail paint from nature republic!
RM5.9 for one. but buy 2 get 1 free!!!!
i so happy ahh!
was looking for this yellow for long T.T
and this is what i got from China.
4RMB nia!!!
so now my box is getting fuller and fuller.
soon i'll need racks liao ! hahahaahhaahha
hehehe see i today so got mood hor. LOL
and B Y E B Y E XD

btw my front hair so long and ugly but i dowan cut if not i'll have the same hairstyle as that frog T.t

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