Thursday, February 28, 2013


WHEE!! omgawd it's actually the last day of February 2013! and i didn't even realize that!
dear mr.boyfriend and i finally decided we MUST buy an Instax to record all our memories!
i was so happy when Sheen Yeen passed me le new toy, and yes, we surveyed and found hers selling at the lowest price, which is RM194 including a box of films! even Groupon sold at a higher price, with no films some more. no polaroids taken yet, must save for really important moments, like the Mayday concert which is two days from now!!!! OH I'M SO EXCITED SO EXCITED I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE! sore throat, please please just go, I WANNA SING MY LUNGS OUT ON SATURDAY!

i don't usually use so many exclamation marks, but when i do use...
I JUST CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lastly, please put your hands together and be happy for me
as i finally complete this one day one post challenge!
for two years straight already =DD
i think somehow, i knew it deep inside that i could do anything i really wanted to.
let's use this determination in keeping fit and finishing assignments in time.
byebye! =D

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


i've been sleeping too much lately i think i have to stop because it seems really unhealthy
so here i am, sacrificing my favourite time of the day -- nap
to share with you my breakfast routine!
since young mummy has educated us on the importance of breakfast
so i rarely skip breakfast, and studies say that having breakfast actually helps in slimming down!
you have no idea how magical those two words are to me

okay cut the crap!
introducing to you my breakfast partners! *drum rolls*
Oat and Milo powder.
oat is really good for the heart and it lowers blood cholesterol and blood pressure
besides, it is really filling!
Milo provides energy of course, and is one of my favourite drinks XD

it lowers 'bad' cholesterol, aids in WEIGHT LOSS, provide good brain function, and helps in sleep!
now you know why i am always sleepy, if that is even logical. XD

helps relieve constipation, cares for the eyes and dental health, it also contains some antioxidant that prevents colon cancer. 

rich in Vitamin B complex (yay! no need take supplement anymore!), vitamin E (antioxidant hohoho prevents aging)

Goji Berry
stabilizes blood glucose levels, stimulates immune functions, reduces colon cancer risk and is also good for the eyes.

Sunflower seeds
rich in Vitamin E, anti-inflammatory, prevents cancer, good for the nerves and protects the skin. 

reduces inflammation and scarring, treats digestive problems, and not to forget the many many more beauty benefits of honey.

and there goes a cupful of healthy breakfast.

i actually did research for all these information! and i only selected a few benefits out of all that came out. guess what? i am feeling really healthy right now! haha.

byebye people. remember to eat your breakfast! XD

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Didn't get to blog just now because the wifi sucked!!
So here I am having fun, at some college activity. Haha
Byebye. At least this is sort of a post! XD Three more posts to go and I wouldn't set myself anymore challenges ==
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Monday, February 25, 2013


 HELLO!! i am free from choir today!!!!!
*jumps around and dance a silly dance*
果然不出我们所料 有很多很多人




我喜欢大家 =D


我的天啊,我的眼睛好像是他的一半 ==


噢我突然想吃柑 ==


Sunday, February 24, 2013


right now i just wish the choir competition comes as soon as possible. i just wanna get all these crazy intensive training over and done with!! i have very low tolerance for irresponsible people. ==
at least when i said i didn't wanna face responsibilities back here, i still did because i just have to.
which brings us to this blog post today. haha.

presenting you a very childish poster for our CC CNY activity.
yesh, me ish one of the mamas.

and so on Friday night, we had our reunion dinner at a place called 龙门, which had a beautiful lake by the side. but when we reached, we started eating and by time we finished it was dark already, therefore no pictures taken. we saw fireworks tho, and it was really pretty!! =D

disclaimer: all photos below are stolen from LooLoo who took them with the Documentation Club's DSLR.
of which made me wonder how would i even have felt satisfied with digital camera/ handphone camera.
the difference is almost too hard to be ignored! 

i don't have fancy fancy names for the dishes, so might as well not caption anything. XD

we then had games, i dunno if the rest enjoyed, but i sure did laugh a lot haha. 
big big group photo.

and us, the MTs of the year.
Nyak is getting famous!!!

see. our inspiration! haha

and happy chap goh meh!
going to Dong Chan Si later on!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


not sure if i can manage to squeeze time in between practices tomorrow during Kem Seni
so here i to blog again, it's past 12am anyway. XD
these are the last photos in Kuching this time, should start taking photos for coming posts ==
so this was the day Miss Kero and i coincidentally wore flannel shirt

i love the colour of my hair here! =D

went to Track 7 with ibeho and sang until we were so tired we finally just watched the MVs of random Korean songs, actually not very random, fantastic baby was still on our list ahhaha. and guess what the room opposite us was dancing crazily to the super viral gangnam style == still not enough isit.

om nom time. 
some sushi platter on promotion in conjunction with the CNY. me wurve wasabi!!

and we each had a garlic fried rice and miso soup =D

and the tofu skin sushi which happens to be our favourite!! =D

hi frog.

sorry ibeho, but this expression is kinda epic heehee i took her by surprise =X
le me: Oi ibe kan guo lai
ibe: *turns back shocked at the sight of camera*

there was also this giant snake chess on the floor and heeheehee i was the champion =D
lazy people really love sitting on the floor don't they? =P

ok la, there is at least a more decent photo of ibeho. our last meeting until July.
dear ibeho, hope you have lots and lots of fun in your journey to the west (west Malaysia wad, XD), take photos please, instagram please, blog please, i wanna stalk you also ==.

Friday, February 22, 2013


THE wifi is really shitty ==
i'll just have to clear off the photos in Kuching first
so here are some photos i made effort to take XD
only when you really have ample of time do you put fruits into a bowl and take it to a place with super good natural light (which in this case is on the ironing board outdoors), and lay a piece of cloth on the ironing board, just to take a nice photo with plane view (something which i always fail to achieve indoors because of the shadow), hahaha. i led quite a healthy lifestyle back at home!!

and this again proves how free i was during the holidays because i cut the popiah properly, which i don't normally do since i eat the skin and the fillings separately.

maybe my lifestyle isn't that healthy after all. did you know that i haven't been buying instant noodles since the second semester started? but back at home we had Maggi for lunch lol, and this was one of our suppers - instant beef noodles which Kero brought back from Taiwan.

free 腊八粥 as dessert after lunch in a vegetarian cafe

this has been one of my favourite snacks since young, but i love the green ones haha. and only recently, i found out it is named Lao Ma Kao. dunno is 老妈 or 老嫲 but i think is the latter since it is soft and 老嫲 don't have teeth hahaha. my logic. == 

heehee, luichar! once again proving how free i am because i usually just pour the soup into the rice. and this is also taken on the ironing board, this time with daddy's shirt as the surface covering the ironing board which is GREEN in colour.

here. this is the green ironing board. haha

you'd think i really love vegetarian food. this was vegetarian burger in the cafe i mentioned above. i think we went there 2 or 3 times during my 1 month holiday. @@

and the fact is i really have the phobia towards vegetarian food after the study week + exam week.
which explains why i rather have cereal for lunch and not order vegetarian food delivery again.
*inserts TERROR emoji*

drama practice later on.
overslept and missed class
because drama practice lasted until 2am last night, with no practice done ==

Thursday, February 21, 2013


hello. class today is canceled. hahahaha.
remember my cactus?

and this is what it became after a month away from me.
Teoh Chee Chean how you jaga my cactus T.T

err.. luckily i can jaga myself, if not i also turn out like my cactus.
T.T... hahahahah

went dating the night right after we came back.
and tried Madam Kwan's this time.
the vegetables curry i ordered was quite big and i think can be shared between two.

the Zhangqijian with his dumpling soup with noodles or something like that.
he said it was really nice.

we then watched our first movie in February - The Wedding Diary 2. =D 
i think distance does make the heart fonder hahaha
i know that's pretty cheesy but i couldn't help smiling like a fool. ==

ooh February is gonna end real soon!
02/03 is the MAYDAY CONCERT!!
18/03 is the choir competition
and 28/03 is the PKC Cultural Night

Kem Seni is confirmed to start this weekend.
which means I will be having choir practice 6 days a week. omgosh.