Sunday, February 3, 2013


oh hi. it's exactly one week to CNY and i'm in great dilemma.
i can't wait for CNY because i just love CNY, but i dread it's coming because it means i'm going back to UM soon. =(
and last night, we went CNY treats shopping, but this place was really so packed, like literally水泄不通
so we left. haha.

and of course my holiday isn't only spent on watching movies, and staying online

le me cleaning up my room.
testing all my nail colours for hehehe CNY nails
and also to chuck out those dried up ones

to make way for new ones? hahahaha

nola. joking.
not joking. XD

and so they say 一分钱一分货
the dried up ones are mostly the cheap ones i got from anywhere, and a few from Elianto and Face Shop which i bought many many years ago. i thank them for accompanying me for such long time. i'll replace with better ones, i promise, err, hahaha
closet clearing. how come i never thought of selling them. even at RM5 per piece also nice wad.. haha
this year i finally throw away A LOT of clothes which i always told myself someday in the future i would wear
but i guess that someday never came, and never will come. haha

while cleaning mummy's windows
i was also thinking of my future directions
(HAHA that was meant to be a joke)
i think i look really constipated.
and look, this is how i clean the windows, because the sun is too bright. me ish a vampire. =D

and my favourite & tidiest corner in my room. haha.
i think i need more bangles.
i also threw out a lot of earrings. felt kinda sad but they can't be used anymore =(

mummy's bed became a tetris canvas. haha
spot oinky and friends. i sleep with them close to me at night
and wake up with them all on the floor lol lol

you'd think we're a family of 40 instead of 4. haha.
i have no idea how these accumulated and grew.
i only use one belt lehh. ok fine maybe 2. or let's say 3 of them.
but this is still too many!
and there are still a few in my own wardrobe. *shifty eyes*, i really dunno. haha

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