Monday, February 18, 2013


  i've finally done unpacking and cleaning my room. *wipes sweat and flips hair*
i had no idea on what to blog about, so show you some of my outfit photos la hahaha
you see, for the one whole month, i have been staying at home for about 3 weeks.
so i didn't really get to dress up nicely, tshirt and shorts were my daily life haha
one public holiday.
got the leather bag from mum since she never uses it haha

i think i am all about stripes and polka dots.
found the beads bracelet while cleaning up my room
but it is now broken T.T

Reunion dinner.

peplum dress for the first day of CNY
kinda glad i bought it because heheheh it covers up my tummy perfectly! XD

Chu 2 was stripes vest and leather skirt.
face like sai. ==

chu 3. the aztec skirt which gets shorter and shorter @@.

Chu 4. guess i still can't live without floral prints.

Chu 5, spent my Valentines' day with miss kero. haha
wore my good girl singlet from last year with the foruchizu floral shorts =D

Chu 6, stole Miss Kero's flannel shirt.

and look at my modified nails, with the tester in Face Shop haha
oh i really need new colours
just cleared off some dried up ones here in KL also T.T

Chu 7, see. floral again. haha 

and lastly, yesterday..

just had to show you my curls haha


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