Saturday, February 9, 2013


oh in less than 24 hours here comes another post!
i am assuming that it'll be a super busy tomorrow so better finish this before i go to sleep!
fyi the culture of our house is to be busy until the very last minute before CNY. lol
and HAHAHA, as i wished, i maintained my pointer.
but, getting a B+ for English Proficiency is really a HUGE DISGRACE for me =(
i always got Band 5 for class tests and even near to perfect score for the Forum
SO, WHY B+ T.T. i really am unhappy.

but, i am a tough person, so it will soon pass. hahahaha.

meanwhile, we had dinner in Sharing@Downtown. it's actually mummy's company dinner
after a day's hard work i think we all deserved the food XDD
mummy's Mexican Crepe.
tastes better than it looks, the lighting was just bad.

me nom mixed fruit salad. =D

Keroro's Fisherman's Catch or something like that
oh shit i'm quite forgetful huh, T.T

taken with our the new camera at home, somehow the flash was set to automatic hence this ugly photo
tried editing to tone down the brightness but i got lazy.

Daddy's ice blended vanilla oreo. =D
i broke my own record by not ordering it this time heehee

and daddy's Mixed Grill.
i think i have been eating too much so so beef, and when i had the first bite of the beef in the mixed grill i felt like i've been lied to all this while. haha. it was so yummy T.T

and ahem, chocolate lava cake wheee!!!
i actually feel fat now, but it was nice! nicer than the first time i had it haha

Keroro said i look like a kid with my fringe, i must agree lol
but i think i look pregnant in this dress
and uh, am wearing my once favourite pair of sneakers
which i just mended some few days ago.

okay that's all for now.
goodnight. =D

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