Saturday, February 23, 2013


not sure if i can manage to squeeze time in between practices tomorrow during Kem Seni
so here i to blog again, it's past 12am anyway. XD
these are the last photos in Kuching this time, should start taking photos for coming posts ==
so this was the day Miss Kero and i coincidentally wore flannel shirt

i love the colour of my hair here! =D

went to Track 7 with ibeho and sang until we were so tired we finally just watched the MVs of random Korean songs, actually not very random, fantastic baby was still on our list ahhaha. and guess what the room opposite us was dancing crazily to the super viral gangnam style == still not enough isit.

om nom time. 
some sushi platter on promotion in conjunction with the CNY. me wurve wasabi!!

and we each had a garlic fried rice and miso soup =D

and the tofu skin sushi which happens to be our favourite!! =D

hi frog.

sorry ibeho, but this expression is kinda epic heehee i took her by surprise =X
le me: Oi ibe kan guo lai
ibe: *turns back shocked at the sight of camera*

there was also this giant snake chess on the floor and heeheehee i was the champion =D
lazy people really love sitting on the floor don't they? =P

ok la, there is at least a more decent photo of ibeho. our last meeting until July.
dear ibeho, hope you have lots and lots of fun in your journey to the west (west Malaysia wad, XD), take photos please, instagram please, blog please, i wanna stalk you also ==.

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