Sunday, February 10, 2013


WHEE! it's the day! haha. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!
best shot i got through the mosquito netting before rushing to bathe last night.
the fireworks this year isn't as much as the previous year
or maybe it's just because these people started playing them already since last week ==

ahem. somehow we have this tradition of adding something new at home every year. 
so, introducing the first photo taking spot. haha
actually just random sticker stuck outside la lol
oh with my ootd. =D

Happy Chinese New Year from all of us. =)
i wish everyone a healthy, prosperous and happy year ahead.
may all your days be filled with love and happiness. 

another spot, featuring daddy and kaki ayam mummy =)

and ahem. Penang got bicycle mural we also have bicycle. heehee

can't believe i ended up with these nails
was really tired last night so i anyhow drew something
didn't even bothered to get the right painting tools
so i'm gonna change it now. haha

byebye. and hope you have a nice day with your family =)

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