Monday, February 11, 2013


hello! blogging at this hour because sucky internet is being sucky again
and i don't want it to fail me tomorrow. haha
so despite my laziness, we finally still baked something
or more like cooked something
Batik Cake! because it requires no baking, just mixing and cooking =D
got the recipe from the internet. once in a while my handwriting look nice. heehee

Ingredients needed are:
Marie Biscuits (the recipe says 250g but you don't really need that much)
200g of malted chocolate drink (eg Milo/ Vico. i mixed Vico with Cocoa Powder)
397ml sweetened condensed milk
4 eggs
150g of butter
1 tsp of vanilla essence

so basically all you have to do is to mix the eggs, chocolate powder, milk and vanilla essence well

then bring to cook at medium heat, changing to low heat when it starts getting sticky.
and when you get a grainy + sticky texture as above, you remove it from the stove

and spread it in the baking tray, alternating between layers of marie biscuit.

when you've finished using the custard, cover it up and press with your hands to make it more compact!
then, freeze it overnight and it is ready to be served! =D

but the hardest part is cutting the cake.
i got so frustrated cutting the cake last night.
just to show you how it should look like.haha

BUT WAIT! our batik cake tastes really nice! hohoho!
maybe i could use this recipe for something like moist chocolate cake or something
and it has no flour, hence no hassle on having to sieve the flour =D

lastly, another new addition to my room
but because the stickers are actually bought quite a long time ago
they're not as sticky already, and some are folded
so the table and the pair of oxfords are lying on the floor already. haha

oh, good night.
have a sweet dream =D

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