Tuesday, February 12, 2013


hey yo! happy chu 3! =D
finally met up with some of my friends (or maybe, my only friends T.T lol)

i love Chinese New Year. i understand that many Chinese are not as excited as me about this traditional festival but i just enjoy the feeling of meeting up with all the friends and family members. because of the hectic life, CNY visitation is like the only time we all get to meet up and catch up with each others' life. i guess the only part i hate about it is all the fattening food. heehee. but things have changed, i guess house house got a hard read bible. =(. caring so much just makes me unhappy, i decide to ignore all the crap.

me love me family members. me love being in this family.

my ootd: owl crop shirt and aztec print skirt =D.
and the daily dilemma when choosing shoes. XD

and finally wore this pair of 妈妈的草鞋 haha

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