Sunday, February 24, 2013


right now i just wish the choir competition comes as soon as possible. i just wanna get all these crazy intensive training over and done with!! i have very low tolerance for irresponsible people. ==
at least when i said i didn't wanna face responsibilities back here, i still did because i just have to.
which brings us to this blog post today. haha.

presenting you a very childish poster for our CC CNY activity.
yesh, me ish one of the mamas.

and so on Friday night, we had our reunion dinner at a place called 龙门, which had a beautiful lake by the side. but when we reached, we started eating and by time we finished it was dark already, therefore no pictures taken. we saw fireworks tho, and it was really pretty!! =D

disclaimer: all photos below are stolen from LooLoo who took them with the Documentation Club's DSLR.
of which made me wonder how would i even have felt satisfied with digital camera/ handphone camera.
the difference is almost too hard to be ignored! 

i don't have fancy fancy names for the dishes, so might as well not caption anything. XD

we then had games, i dunno if the rest enjoyed, but i sure did laugh a lot haha. 
big big group photo.

and us, the MTs of the year.
Nyak is getting famous!!!

see. our inspiration! haha

and happy chap goh meh!
going to Dong Chan Si later on!

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