Saturday, February 2, 2013


a very good afternoon to you, or maybe goodmorning haha.
\so after wishing and contemplating for quite a long time, i finally decided to dye my hair.
actually it's more like succumbed to temptation after Aaron Ong jio me to dye haha.
long wanted to get a shade closer to red and Sweet Pink by Liese was in my mind
but when we were choosing, Cassis Berry looked so bright and since it is also red, we both got it.

taken on the night after we dyed.
desperately went to all bright spots at home but the colour just wasn't obvious
well actually it isn't that obvious in low light also. =(
not sure if i should be very happy because new black hair wouldn't look that obvious
or unhappy because it's like RM30 wasted. haha 

but the next day, TADA!!
i dunno if it's the sun or something.
and turns out it is more purplish than reddish.
suibian la, i find it not bad. haha.
let's see what will happen when the colour fades after washing.
for the meantime, i am learning to love this colour. XD

*i still dunno how this colour looks under really bright sunshine because i haven't been seeing the outdoor sun for quite some time since i came back from KL. lol. unhealthy maybe but HAHAHA i will for sure get fairer =D

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