Sunday, October 26, 2014


Another tragedy, another loss
Another family left behind in pain

Cikgu William must be the cutest teacher in KHS
Now that my Facebook feed is flooding with all Highians and ex-Highians reminiscing him and his cardboard fan and rotan, his smiles, his humour

He never taught me, but somehow we always meet in school, he'd walk past our class, and suddenly stand beside me, yes my love for sitting at the corner started since young, and when I look at him he'll smile and point at my socks, which are always too short, and at times even hit my legs gently with the rotan, hahaha I was never scared of him, none of us were

After graduating I went back a few times, he was always doing his rounds, walking around with his rotan and cardboard, and he remembered me, also wishing me the best when he knew I was taking education

Thank you Cikgu William, have a great time in heaven! :D

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Monday, October 20, 2014


生日過了也好久了,一直想找機會把照片整理好 ,然後好好靜下來寫心情
比如說一個人的快樂對另一個人可能根本不是快樂 子非魚 安知魚之樂

付出很快樂 看到別人快樂很快樂
可是人很貪心 想要更多的快樂



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Friday, October 3, 2014


the most loyal (and maybe the only) reader of this blog said I haven't been updating.
I only have classes on Monday and Tuesday, and it's already the end of week 4
I know I am supposed to be really free but I seem to be as occupied as ever
truth is I don't seem to have anything to write about, or I have too much to write, so much that I decide to not write at all hahaha.
anyway updates, life recently is filled with classes, actually I don't even know if I should use filled with for classes, it's only 6 hours out of my whole week, gym, cafe hopping, doing laundry and.. getting mad at the sky for raining.

I have this habit of thinking a lot when I lie awake on bed.
one day I thought, our whole life is full of choices
if I didn't make certain choices I made, would I be here today?
would I still be the me I am today?

and then they say life is so unpredictable, live everyday as if it were your last
but seriously, if it were my last day what would I do?
and if I lived everyday as if it were my last, are you saying I should withdraw all my cash, buy a ticket, get on the plane and travel the world? haha.

practical not only opened my eyes to teaching
it made me realize how much I like taking photos
and some random idea came into my mind
what if I bought a good camera and start learning photography
should I really settle for just phone quality photos
what if I could even become a photographer?
there are really people who take lousy photos with their DSLR, when they could do so much more

and a nudging question
am I going to be a teacher?
what to do after June?
I wanna see the world, a lot of it, or at least experience something different before entering the working world, but there are so many constraints.
here's a smile to all the choices I made, and also all I am going to make.
oh fyi, it's the World Smile Day today! =D
to cash out or not cash out? hahaha