Sunday, October 26, 2014


Another tragedy, another loss
Another family left behind in pain

Cikgu William must be the cutest teacher in KHS
Now that my Facebook feed is flooding with all Highians and ex-Highians reminiscing him and his cardboard fan and rotan, his smiles, his humour

He never taught me, but somehow we always meet in school, he'd walk past our class, and suddenly stand beside me, yes my love for sitting at the corner started since young, and when I look at him he'll smile and point at my socks, which are always too short, and at times even hit my legs gently with the rotan, hahaha I was never scared of him, none of us were

After graduating I went back a few times, he was always doing his rounds, walking around with his rotan and cardboard, and he remembered me, also wishing me the best when he knew I was taking education

Thank you Cikgu William, have a great time in heaven! :D

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