Thursday, May 31, 2012

nothing better to do

i am out of ideas. i need inspiration, like how Hadis is the inspiration to mengembangkan Tamadun, i need inspiration to mencantikkan blog saya. ==
too much TITAS, if you didn't get me
i was merely trying to show off what i know.
no, i call that applying. haha
by the way, it's my second study week here.
not as keen as last sem in cramming notes
i think my ultimate laziness has finally kicked in.
and decided to stay. haha
but fret not, i'm still struggling the internal and external fight with this enemy ==

i think my boyfriend is a tad bit too stressed.

he is actually chatting with himself using Oinky Teoh's Facebook account.

and since i took photos
why not tempt you again? haha
i tried to capture the 一粒一粒 feel
but phone camera still has its limitations
that's the best i could achieve even with macro focus and HDR effect =(

and Cendol after K session.
on a rainy morning which should be fully utilized to maximize rest
lol i just tried making the statement to sleep look a bit more advanced

dinner! =D
comes second after Cheesy Wedges.
eh wait, or is it 3rd? forgot. XD

and now put your hands together
and congratulate me for completing my challenge!
APK wo lai liao~

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

why i am fat.

yoho morning. XD. i'm here to make you hungry again.
Mee Jawa, Tou Fu Hua, Tomyam Mee, Hokkien Mee, Cendol, Ais Kacang, Frozen Yoghurt, Ba Zhen Tang, Wantan Mee. actually still got de XD but no photos. personally my favourites are all that are sweet in the above photo. lol. and now you know why i am fat.

and one night when we went to Ristorante Bravo Italiana
to be honest XD
the Mushroom Soup and the Garden Salad in Sharing are nicer =P

okay one last post tomorrow and i shall complete this challenge. XD

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


hi hi hi. greetings from my hot and stuffy room
the only good thing is that my roommate isn't back yet lol
reached KL approximately 2pm
lunch in JoJo.
the tired driver.

the happy Oinky who finally got his icecream

and the happy me. haha

i will settle TITAS by today. YOSH!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

black black face.

my face condition has been deteriorating since i dunno when
and and and i got darker =(
so yesterday hehehe, i pulled the zhangqijian to have an enjoyable free mask session with me lol lol. the mask was a bit hard to use though as you can see it's not even. and we had great time peeling off the mask ahha.

but the result seemed good! XD

got or not? like smooth smooth lidat. hehehe
ok. byebye XD

Sunday, May 27, 2012

too much fun =O



hello morning. we’re having too much fun recently omg
caught MIB3 on Friday night
it was funny and i dunno why i never watch the MIB before this.


REVERSI in Merry Berry. obviously i am the white one heeheehee

act pity de face. LOL this is the only chance i get to beat him.

second round. ahahahahahhaha
at this time he already 动弹不得
so i leave it to you to guess the result ba =P


and went to singk!
because there was no room
we got to use the VIP room!!
note that there are 2 big screens
one is for K, another one is Wii Sport!
cool or not!!!

okay i should study now
before i regret when my results are out!
byebye. =)

Saturday, May 26, 2012




Friday, May 25, 2012

like i have never slept before.

hello hello from butterworth again =)
guess what? i woke up at 1 pm today!
so i am really living up to my self-declared excessive rest statement haha
companions on the way back XD

Oinky: "Daddy is a good daddy today because he teaches me how to drive!"

3 pink pigs in the car. XD

dinner =D

see the donut also happy haha

feels like autumn to me XD

i can feel sleep calling me again.
see you soon =X

Thursday, May 24, 2012


i am suddenly so grateful i feel like crying == lol
no more burden on my shoulder
no more deadlines glaring back at me
wanted to take a photo to show how long my hair has grown
but i end up sniffing it like what i always do.

stayed up the whole night for assignments and had KFC breakfast before going back to my room thinking i would continue with my work but fell onto my bed and slept until i was almost late for class! whee!

finally had a nutritious meal last night
and the soup reminds me of mummy
i wanna go home =(

8:30 AM this morning
i broke free from the clutches of the goddamned assignments

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde the movie
a very disturbing and depressing movie which lasted for almost 2 hours
glad i slept away half of the duration of my final class as a Year 1 student

it's kinda hard to believe that this is it.
sem 2 flew by like. i dunno like what.
maybe like a G6. haha.
and what i gained the most is probably
more and more documents in my UM TESL folder.
and i shall declare myself excessive rest
before i start studying for the finals.
byebye for now XD

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

nothing beats waking up for unfinished work. lol

you know assignments are sucking away your life when Google beats Facebook and Youtube.
Good Morning!!
one last day, one last day.
i can do this!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

we jumped we danced now we celebrate!

i think it's the season of celebration now @@
we just had the choir celebration party on Sunday.
hee, it was one full of pizzas and titbits..
not from modern dance
but i foresee his potential hahaha

btw, that's Oinky's 小人娃娃 XD

after being stuck in the jam for i dunno how long, we finally reached the place
nice lamp i light XD

and i dunno why i became so touristy that i was snapping non-stop
until zhangqijian had to stop me lol

MAIU Japanese buffet. =)

heehee, congratulations to Huini the new female captain

and Nyak Nyak as the male captain

sad to say that the food pictures i captured were all very ugly
i have problem with the camera =(
but below are things i simply MUST share!!

Green Tea Icecream with RED BEAN! =D

Chocolate Icecream with chocolate chips inside =DD

and the Wasabi Icecream which no one dared to try
until zhangqijian took the first step

jeng jeng, five scoops in one bowl

i had at least 10 balls of ice-cream, alone! hohoho

kinteo @@

best photo of the night hahaah

and then it was the second round.. POOL hehehe
due to some reasons i'm not gonna post the photos in Facebook
but not gonna post here also because i am lazy haha

one last photo before we went back
the escalator stopped for us heehee

and one more one more
one last thing

Monday, May 21, 2012

a rocky experience: of sweat, tears and frustration

i foresee myself being super busy tonight (maybe)
so here i am to blog before i break the challenge, on the second day. == haha
so i mentioned there is gonna be a post of MAK on our modern dance performance
performers had to reach early for rehearsal
the super grand crystal lamp in the hall
i don't really like crystal lamp but this was so big and mesmerizing!

note that we didn't have a nice night before that because the penyelia complained our dance being too sexy. seriously? we took away the butt-shaking part already (that was what they complained to be too sexy for our FESTAKA performance.). even our costumes were complained. i don't wanna complain all over again but they are really a bit out of their minds. stupid leech.

lunch. with no spoon! T.T
it was like going back to orientation week all over again

we are resourceful enough to come out with this solution though.
never have i loved cucumber so much XD

finally met the stage manager. heehee

i want one for my room!

as the stage was too long, we chucked the plan of wearing heels to dance Hoot
YES! Melody Kho who can't even walk properly on flat ground was going to wear heels to dance!

final polishing up.

right before our performance, the final pose =))

i think we rock.
and we're going out now for our modern dance celebration
which i of course will blog about some other day
see ya soon =))