Wednesday, May 16, 2012

i got myself two new bags. =D. EYEBAGS.

it's 3:04AM in the morning.
hey.. happy teachers day. HAHA
wait! are you saying it's been a year since i taught in SJK Chung Hua No.6?
time flies T.T.
anyway that was unrelated
was in high photo taking mood in the afternoon XD

if you're curious
why am i awake at this hour
it's not that weird anyway but still let me tell you HAHA
we are practising our dance for the college dinner which is on this Friday 
look at my double layers of dark circle and also my eyebags which are almost the size of my eyes.
and i thought i was gonna take good care of my skin to look nice for the dinner. ==

7 assignments in 2 weeks time
I ROCK!!!!

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