Saturday, May 12, 2012

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very very randomly and spontaneously, yeemei and i went dress hunting yesterday. actually it's just me shopping for the college dinner and also cousin's wedding. (le me always able to find reasons to shop) XD 
i'm actually quite satisfied with both but i think i look better in the black one
the only drawback is it has this 'pong pong' effect which will make me look even more big sized
and the zipper by the side is super hard to pull up T.T
no, not only because i am too fat.
it is really hard, with or without me wearing. haha

and i finally found a new pair of shoes 
the abandoned old pair of mine.

back to red shoes again. hehehe
sorry dear, but you are really so broken already.
thanks for giving me the best four months of your life
i can't believe our companionship lasted only this long
i expected longer, but anyway, thank you
and bye bye.
at least there was a friend with you in that rubbish bin.
hope you are getting along well. =)

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