Wednesday, May 9, 2012

generating money!

it's our turn to take the Basic Entrepreneurship Culture course this sem
and finally the 2-day business exposure.
flower in hair and bright nails

to go with our stall's name: Summer Shack =D

so summery i wanna go to the beach!
we initially planned to name our stall Like A Boss Enterprise
but luckily we didn't
because the whole APK sales was infested by memes and rage faces!

because of persistent demanding from my fellow TESL-ians 
i got my second henna
this time on the back of my neck HEHEHE

too tired of staying in the tents for the whole day
so yeemei and i ran off to midvalley
yes, that random @@ 
in Kimgary
sengaja want show my tattoo, oops i mean henna!

nothing much to comment about the sales

ibeho bongmuilin. wo xiang nimen liao =(

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